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Twenty-Seventh Group: Romeo Click to the right above for more music videos! ^^^ To further support this group subscribe to their YouTube Channel here. Members: (7) Let's play a game, check out the members below and then try to put name's to faces while watching the video! Comment below if you can figure out at least one member's name by the end of one of the videos! (Comment the name of the member, which video you watched, and the time in which they appear in the video.
Name: Lee Seung Hwan Stage Name: Seunghwan He is the Leader and a rapper. He was born in 1994.
Name: Hwang Yun Sung Stage Name: Yunsung He is a vocalist. He was born in 1996.
Name: Kim Min Hak Stage Name: Milo He is a rapper. He was born in 1996.
Name: Kim Min Hwi Stage Name: Minsung He is vocalist. He was born in 1996.
Name: Ma Jae Kyung Stage Name: Kyle He is a vocalist. He was born in 1997.
Name: Kim Hyun Jong Stage Name: Hyunkyung He is a vocalist. He was born in 1998.
Name: Noh Kang Min Stage Name: Kangmin He is the Maknae and a rapper. He was born in 1999.
-- Do you know this group? Also should we continue the game mentioned above? -- Tagged: @IsoldaPazo @petname83 @JiyongLeo @jiggzy19 @SugaKookies @Ercurrent @marisamusic @LocoForJiyong @HopeElizabeth If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments! Also we take suggestions! If you think a group is underrated let us know and we will add it to the list! And we want to make this card more enjoyable for you! Are there any things/information we should add to the cards? For example is there anything you'd like to know about the groups/soloist's that we don't already provide? More pictures? More videos? Please let me know in the comments and we will accommodate! Check out last Wednesday's card here.
Romeo is one of my favorite rookie groups next to KNK and Astro! My favorite song is Target. I'm learning names and faces still.
@ChaErica same here because the leader is a year older than me
@SimplyAwkward I know me too! Only one of the members is older than me. The groups just keep getting younger and younger lol.
I feel old now
@ChaErica fellow 95z liner!
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