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Some songs just induce body rolls, etc.

For my non-Korean-speaking self, it's usually the beat that does it.

Part 3 of this little series~ I don't know when I'd need a playlist like this (lol) but if I ever feel particularly confident, then this is where I go, hehe. ♢ feeling blue ♢ ♤ get pumped! ♤ ♡ brighten your day ♡
Hug Me - Crush Tomorrow - BTS (when I first heard this, I immediately thought "body rolls") Hot Enough - VIXX Playboy - EXO Lady Luck - EXO (haven't looked up the English trans yet. Those moans though 0.0)
And then after all the dirty dancing, I watch fluffy movies on Netflix xD

What K-pop songs get you in a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mood?