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Pt. 10 _ * _ * _ * It was Thursday after school. Yoongi had asked if we could meet up during lunch at the park after school, for something very important. This honestly made me really nervous, I mean as the days went by and I spent more time with him (because Alex doesn't come back 'til Friday) it became harder to ignore my feelings. Remember when I said I wouldn't fall for such clich茅 antics? Why do they always work?!? "Y/N!" I turned to see a breathless Yoongi jogging to me. "Hey!" I waved. I was trying to maintain a calm image as we sat down on the bench so he could catch his breathe. "Yah, why did you run here? It's not like i was waiting for forever." "I... just needed... some.... exercise." he breathed out. "Plus, it looked like i would scare you if I just walked up behind you, what were you thinking about?" I grew flustered as i turned away. I hate it when I get like this around him, goodness, Y/N, get yourself together. "U-uh..." I took a breathe and faced him again. He watched with curious eyes to find out what I would say. "None of your business, bozo." I said poking his forehead. "Ow~" he pouted. "Why did you do that?" "No reason, now" I stood up to get in front of him. "Why did you want to meet up?" "Um, about that..." I could tell he was trying to stay cool, but the pink in his face betrayed him showing he was nervous about whatever he was going to say... _ * _ * _ * "HE SAID WHAT?!?!?!" Alex screamed over the phone making me pull it from my ear until she grew silent. "CAREFUL!" I yelled back, "You're gonna kill my ear." I rolled into a different position on my bed to get more comfortable before continuing. "He asked if I had had enough time and if I would officially date him." "You better of said yes or I'll personally murder you." "I did." I whispered. I was trying to make it sound like nothing but I was really excited about it. "And you said nothing would happen! I'm always right! You should really stop doubting me." "Haha, maybe I will, but then again, some of the things you say are really stupid." We continued to talk until I heard something hit my window. I ignored it and kept talking to Alex when I heard it again, then again. So I decided to get up and check it out. "Hold on, something's at my window." "I bet it's lover boy." "Shut up." I mumbled. I walked over to the window only to have to duck as soon as I opened it. "Are you trying to kill me?!?" I shouted at Yoongi. "Sorry!" he replied back. "Can I come in?" "You should've just knocked on the door like a normal person!" "Well I'm not normal, I'm better." I laughed as i replied. "Sure, just wait on the porch." I turned around and picked up my phone walking down stairs. "Listen Alex, you were right and I gotta go okay?" "Told you! Bye and use protection!" "What is wrong with you?" I asked hanging up. I opened the door to let him in. "So what's up? Miss me already?" I smirked. "No, I just needed to make sure you hadn't fallen, your clumsy ass needs LifeAlert." he sat back with a grin. "Yah! What did you really come here for?" "I just wanted to ask something." he fidgeted a little. "It's important, can we go to you room?" "Umm, sure?" it came out more like a question but I still led him upstairs, both of us plopping on my bed. "Shoot." "What happened to your parents?" I could feel my gaze darken a bit and I knew he noticed because he quickly added, "Only if you are ready. I don't mean to pry, but you said you knew they couldn't physically hurt you but you never said why." I took a deep breathe releasing a long sigh. "Do you really want to know?" "Yes." "Fine, but even if you break up with me, you have to stay my friend, deal?" I held out my pinky. "We literally just got together today, why would we break up on the same day?" he laughed a little. "Just promise." "Fine." he hooked his pinky around mine then propped himself on one of my pillows waiting for me to begin. "So... they had abused me and i ended up meeting someone from a rival gang of my father's." I looked at him to see his reaction. He just nodded his head as to tell me to continue. "They tried to kill her so we ran away. They found me and when I refused to come back they held her hostage and forced me to come back." This time he stopped me from continuing. "Who's her?" he questioned as i scooted back to be side by side with him. "Alex." His mouth formed an 'o' shape as i continued. "Let me get one thing across." I pointed at him. "What happened next was self-defense. They even said so in court." "Okay, go on." "They..." I felt tears prick my eyes as i swallowed a lump in my throat. "Shh..." He hugged me while rubbing circles on my back and kissed my cheek. "It's okay, you aren't there anymore. Like you said, they can't hurt you now." I nodded my head and snuggled in closer to his chest forcing us to have to lay down in a cuddle position, my head near his neck so I didn't have to look at him as i finished. "They did things, terrible things and they had some other gang members join in. So as soon as they came the next day, we killed them with knives we had gotten off some members clothes before they left." I heard my voice turn icy cold at the end. He didn't talk for a while making me think he was going to break up with me. Instead he made both of us sit up so I had to look at him. He grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes. "If you were defending yourself, why would I care? I would never break up over something like this." I felt tears come back as a long breathe of relief came out. I hugged him as tight as i could and mumbled, "Thank you." He hugged me back and we just stayed like this for a while. "I should get going now. It's late" "Do you have to?" "Well I don't have anything to sleep in." "Yes you do!" I responded almost to quickly. "You left your pajamas here from last time. I even washed them." "Alright, I guess I'm staying here then." _ * _ * _ * He got up to get his clothes when he turned around and said, "Wow, you can't spend a single night with out me. I must be special." he smirked walking out before I could respond. "Stupid." I mumbled. _ * _ * _ *
A/N: All i have to say is Finals and being grounded. FORGIVE ME!!! I'm sorry I didn't update. I've had a lot of tests and now I have more finals and stuff. I need to get my grades up bc I've been totally unprepared for these 'small' tests my teachers have been giving just to make us all suffer! I'll update 'Should We Hang On?' whenever I get the chance. Until then, Goodbye! Wish me luck!


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