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I got to hang out with an old friend this weekend and we got to talking about high school romances.

She told me about a guy that asked her out but she turned him down because she had her eye on someone else at the time.

Now, he's her dream guy.

Athletic, smart, in art school, handsome, you name it, he's got it.

And he isn't interested in her anymore. He's got a girlfriend.

They're both about to graduate college and move into the real world, and her biggest regret is turning him down back in high school.

Have you ever done something similar to this or have had any regrets when it comes to love?

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The thing about this situation of your friend is there's little to no guarantee that they'd still be together now if they had dated in high school. Most high school romances don't last past high school. And at the time she wasn't interested in him. For me personally I try not to regret these things. These kind of things happen for a reason, and if it was meant to be then it will happen.
Nope, false hope is worse
yeah I do whenever someone ask me to do something and say they counting on me then I have to tell them sorry I can't 馃檷 yeah it breaks my馃挃 馃槚
yes :(
yes I had my eyes on someone else who turned into a jerk when he had been there all along for me. :(