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Last year, my boyfriend and I had to spend a loooong time apart.

In order to keep a little piece of each other with us throughout the day, no matter the distance, we got matching pins!
Now, I know I said I wasn't into couple clothes, but I thought this was a subtle sweet way to stay connected regardless of time zones or miles.

Have you ever given a loved one a gift from a vacation?

(These were from Dublin where my boyfriend picked them up!)
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I get stressed about getting my friends/family/partners gifts from vacation...I'm so bad at it!
not that I can think of. I tend to give more gifts or special things for no reason or because they have had a bad day or have been feeling down
Aww you guys are the cutest! The little shamrocks pins are better than couple rings!
yes I gave him blankets that said the name of my hometown. its crazy because we are not together anymore but we are still kinda freinds and I stopped bu to pick something up and the blanket is still on the couch. 馃槉
I like that, that is a really cool way to stay connected. I have never done that myself but it is a good idea.