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So I just watched the movie Paper Towns last night (didn't really like it) but there was a part that struck me as funny.

One of the guys starts talking about Pokemon and is FLOORED when the pretty popular girl references Charzard.

It reminds me of when I would hear guys mention my favorite bands in high school and I'd be like HE'S THE ONE. (To be honest, I'm still like that sometimes lol!)

Have you ever started crushing on someone just cause they were into your fandom?

What is one thing you LOVE that if you found out another person was into it, you'd propose to them on the spot?!

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@Mightmuffin same here. add dancing to that list and it would be my ideal list.
Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. 馃槏
I've done this from time to time and I still do it, but I always feel there should be more to it then fandom love. Yes, it would be great if we love some of the same things, but let's have a little mystery and experience the differences we have 馃槃
Kpop, anime like Death Note/Tokyo Ghoul/Black Butler, dancing, singing, and other bands that I like then I automatically start crushing on them XD