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This is the last of it...

I listen to these whenever I'm feeling "meh", which is usually on the bus ride home.

The last card of this series will have 2 "playlists"! ♧ body rollin' ♧ ♤ get pumped! ♤ ♡ brighten your day ♡


Coffee Shop - B.A.P Honesty - SHINee Toy - Block B What If... - EXO-K Morning Call - ASTRO Butterfly - BTS

"Done" with someone

YeY - BEAST That XX - G-Dragon I Don't Understand - U-KISS Hate You - 2NE1 Stop Girl - U-KISS Pour Up - DΞΔN

What songs are nice to just listen to??

Sorry, there were hardly any songs by female idols... I just listen to boy groups more.

Thank you to everyone who shared their song recommendations and such~

I hope you'll find more great songs to boost your mood in the near future! ^^


@Badtz Not to sound like someone who hates their life, but where I live you here all of that a lot. I just wish people would realize how ignorant they're being. If they listened to Kpop, it'd probably fix everything bad about them 😂
@Justis dude that sucks :(((
It was SO much fun 😒
@Badtz tbh the only reason I remembered it was because I was stuck in the back of a bus with a bunch of rascised, homophobic guys the whole afternoon
@Justis totally forgot about that kind of mood 😂
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