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I'm doing something different today. I'll be sharing a hair care routine and tip from a celebrity. I'm not a big fan but I just love her naturally curly hair. Most of the time she'll wear her hair down with lots of texture. The amazing part is I never notice any frizz from her long hair. After looking up several interviews and article I'm combining her hair care tips in this card.

Vanessa Hudgens' Summer Hair Care Guide

1. Hydrate

Before going out for a swim or dip your hair into chlorine, make sure you hydrate your hair the night or a couple of days ahead of time. Put on a hair mask and let it sit for 10 minutes. Hair that is filled with moisture will absorb less chlorine.

2. Avoid heating tools

Put away your blow dryer and embrace your natural texture. Whether it be straight or curly find a lightweight leave-in conditioner and use it post shampoo to keep your hair in check. Leave in conditioner should only be used 1-2 times a week to avoid build ups. if you're bored with your hairstyles you can try a cute updo that compliments your natural texture.

3. Hair oil

This is the secret to frizz-free hair. Frizzy hair happens when your hair is overly dry and the outer layer opens up. Applying a tiny dollop of oil on your hair will hydrate it and help eliminate frizz.

4. Shield your hair and scalp

Sunscreen on your hair may sound gross but if you're out in the sun for more than 3 hours you should consider it. Here are two options if you are hanging at the beach. A) apply waterproof sunscreen in your scalp.
B) use a UV protectant spray to shield your dyed hair.
That dreamcatcher headband is to die for
@AreliOlivares I know! It's really cute and festive which is great for summer concerts!