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Hey ya'll!!!! I'm back with another installment!!!! I can't believe that I have one more chapter left!!!! (Depending on how I feel, possibly 2 ) Also, things starts to get a little heated with the next couple of chapters. If smut or anything along those lines are not your cup of tea, then I advise not to read this and the next chapter. Thank you all for sticking by with me. I hope you all enjoy and remember, feedback is welcomed!!!!!!!
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The reception was everything that you could dream of. From your husband serenading you on your first dance to the small cake fight that you had. Everything went off without a hitch. At the end of the party, Jiyong whispers in your ear for one last dance. You agreed and was lead out to the dance floor. You feel his arms wrap around your waist. You then here Oui by Jeremih come on and you start to laugh. Next thing you hear Jiyong singing the song just loud enough to hear. You then hear your favorite song by Ne-Yo comes on. You started to hum to the music. You then felt yourself being twirled around and dipped. You giggle as he lifts you back up and whispers are you ready to get out of here? You nod your head yes and let him wisks you out to the car. As Jiyong drove off to your honeymoon, you tried to snuggle close, but the way your dress flared out reminded you of a female snow beast. Jiyong sees you struggling to get closer and chuckles. We're almost to our destination, love. I'm just itching to take that dress off you and see what you have underneath. You immediately blush, feeling your face turn red. You quickly recovered and said what if I wearing practically nothing, with a sly smile. You see that his eyes widen and felt an increase in the speed of the car. Whoa!!!! Slow down, tiger!!!!!! No need to rush!!!!!! Just know that we have all night you said with a wink. I know, I've waited this long and I don't know if I can wait another minute. Luckily for the both of you, you arrived at your honeymoon destination. As your husband helped you out of the car, you marvelled at the beauty of the place. You look over at your husband and thought, my husband did a damn awesome job of picking our honeymoon!!!!!! You didn't realize that he snuck up behind you and picked you up, bridal style and carries you into the building an into your room. Jiyong gently puts you down outside of your room. He takes out the key and unlocked the door and you see the room. You gaze in awe as you admire the rose petals and candles that made a trail to the bed and bathroom. "Later, Jiyong whispers in your ear as he slowly unzips your dress. You then feel his hands move up on your back and you feel goosebumps go all over your body. He starts to kiss the back of your neck, each kiss a little bit longer than the last. His hands began to massage your breast, and a soft moan escapes your lips. You turned to him and immediately crashes your lips onto his. You lick his bottom and he granted access for your tounge to enter his mouth. You start to caress his tounge with your tounge and feel a cool breeze down your back. You felt his hands roam up your back and starts to unzip your dress. You felt a cool breeze on your lower back. You then feel his hands go up in your hair to take out the bun that held it up. You started to protest, but you feel Jiyong's lips on your ear, sshhhh. I want to see your hair down and run my fingers though it as he kisses your ear. You shivered and moan at the touch. He knows that gets you all the time. You pull him closer as you deepened the kiss. You then feel your head lighten up and felt your hair tickling your back. You sigh with happiness as you feel Jiyong's hands running through your hair. You then feel one hand slide down your back and cups your backside. He gives it a squeeze before slapping it. You squeal, due to it taking you by surprise. You take a step back after ending the kiss for a much needed breather. Jiyong then helps you out of your dress only to reveal his favorite color bra and matching lace panties. Jiyong looks you over from head to toe with a hungry and lustful look in his eyes. You saunter over to the bed and turned to look and him and said in your most sultry voice that you can muster, are you gonna just stand there or are you coming with me?
good job. just an FYI. Taking her hair down after the wedding would not have been fun or easy....and no way could he run his fingers through it. You also have to wear white or tan under a wedding dress or everything shows.
how do I find the previous episodes? can u tag me on for the ones? 😍
nice chapter I'm not ready for it to end.