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✾ Here we are back at my favorite days. Not because it's a Monday, but because of who has graced them.

✾ This week I will be covering. . .

✾ Drumroll. . .

✾ Accessories such as, ears, bows, and/or crowns ♡

✾ This will be a Fluffy Week ✾

❉ I S2G He's going to be the death of me. . . I cannot deal with his cuteness. . .

❉ He is one of the most precious beings that God Created.

♧♧♧ I feel my life is about to end ♧♧♧

❉ How he can be so precious is beyond me. I can't. Even.

♧♧♧ Whatever village I saved In a past life to be in the same time frame as him, I appreciate it.



❉ This guy is so majestic, I question his existence. He's so beautiful & Lovely.

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ahhh, why are they more attractive with cat ears, bunny ears, flower crowns and all this good stuff on their beautiful heads....
@IsoldaPazo Haha because they exert their adorableness by like a million times XD
@Tigerlily84 Aweee!! I'm so glad you look forward to it love. I can't wait!
This week is going to kill me!!! You know how much I love my idols with ears 😻 so excited you are doing this.