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Hey guys! So I was wondering what or who got y'all into K-Pop? My friend brought me into this K-Pop world! In 9th grade (Graduating HS in 5 days!)
SNSD I Got a Boy was my first girl group video! Do you remember your 1st Girl Group video?
My 1st Boy Group video was VIXX Voodoo Doll! THIS IS STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS! Who was your 1st Boy Group video!?
Mine was VIXX 馃槉 Hyde or was it Superhero!! I got to see them when they came to DC last year and to see them perform live was AWESOME!!!!
I got into it because I thought that BOYFRIEND was Japanese at first but then I came across EXO- MAMA and I loved it lol and then BTS debuted and I'm like OH SHIT! Basically my first was boyfriend- ??
although it was lies by big bang that really thrust me into the world of kpop
SNSD - Oh! Super Junior - Mr. Simple
Technically speaking River Flows in You by Yiruma was my first Korean song, Gangnam Style by Psy was my first Kpop song, but the first song that got me into Kpop was Bang Bang Bang by BIGBANG. Jenna Marbles, a youtuber, has a radio show every Friday called the YouTube 15 where she plays the top 15 trending songs and she was saying how good it was so I checked it out and it's been downhill ever since. I Am The Best by 2ne1 was my first girl group song but I'm not into girl groups because they all sound the same to me tbh
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