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Calling all vingle family
well right now BB is in the hospital it's nothing bad from what I heard but she is really scared and right now I know all of you probably know @BBxGD so can you plz plz leave some sweet comments on here for BB and I'll report it to her as soon as possible and BB plz be careful fighting✊✊✊✊ #NoVIPIsAlone #FightingForBB @EmilyPeacock @RochelleRose @selfishmachines @Evieevelyn @TheEnlightment
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@Princess2425 @biancadanica98 we need big bang Emoji...just imagine..perfection
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I hope you're feeling much better BB!!!! Please continue staying strong!!!!! 💜💜💜💜
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feel better!!! I'm praying for you
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thx for supporting BB up to this day I really appreciate that she has family outside of hers to help her through this
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I know that I'm seeing this a little late but I always keep her in my prayers hoping that she stays strong and never gives up!!
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