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I was one of those people who were always confused about the laundry icons listed on the clothing tag. So, I avoid purchasing clothes that have icons I can't understand. Seriously, I don't know how fashion designer come to a conclusion everyone would understand these designer codes.
The internet is an open wikipedia of the world. It's a scary thing but sometimes it can be helpful especially for moment like this. I found this chart on Lifehacker and couldn't be happier. If only I had this during college life would be easier!
It's a handy chart for sure, but if you are too lazy to look up those icons you have another option. A couple days ago a new app called, Laundry Day, rolled out and it scans your icon and tells you how to wash your clothes.

I guess we all have no excuse to mess up on laundry day! Also, definitely no excuse to not wash your clothes.