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I NEED HELP GUYS!! (also answer the question below) I am not kidding when I say this but I actually just now wrote a comment that's long af ... it was about... Death Note... the reason for this comment was because I was on @hikaymm's card and it was about 'what would you do if you had a death note?' I was gonna put the most obvious thing ever, follow in lord Kira's footsteps but just as I was about to the comment above said something about them being smarter than Light... SMARTER THAN LIGHT!! IMPOSSIBLE!! so I basically just did a lil rant and of course I used some facts of how they aren't capable of doing such a thing. QUESTION: ... should I start toning it down with the whole Death Note stuff??
Nah, it's ok. I rant all the time. About food, Attack on titan, food and Levi. It just means ur passionate about it.
If you enjoy going on with all the Death Note stuff, then you should continue on. Why stop doing something that you enjoy??? If other people don't like it; they can burn in hell. We have one life. (unless you believe in reincarnation.) Why waste it making other people happy if it doesn't make you happy???
@AdamDean you just hurt my head with how many plans that ONE person can have to kill another
@lonerkid Well L and Near are both smarter than Light, arguably Mello, L more so than Near (Light only beat L because he didn't know the rules of the supernatural and Light did. That's like keeping dead even in chess with someone despite only knowing how the pawns work. Once Near found out the Death Note's secrets he was able to beat Light... without any real casualties (his casualties were due to Mello)) Also L got the same perfect score on the entrance exam despite not getting a formal education. That being said, Light did get a perfect score on an entrance exam while avoiding capture as Kira. Very very few people have aced Japanese entrance exams, let alone while commiting mass genocide. There may be like 1 or 2 people as smart as Light in this world... but they aren't on Vingle... they're working for NASA on solving alien cancer.
@lonerkid I'd say you got really passionate because of it and you don't need to tone it down because you love death note
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