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I NEED HELP GUYS!! (also answer the question below) I am not kidding when I say this but I actually just now wrote a comment that's long af ... it was about... Death Note... the reason for this comment was because I was on @hikaymm's card and it was about 'what would you do if you had a death note?' I was gonna put the most obvious thing ever, follow in lord Kira's footsteps but just as I was about to the comment above said something about them being smarter than Light... SMARTER THAN LIGHT!! IMPOSSIBLE!! so I basically just did a lil rant and of course I used some facts of how they aren't capable of doing such a thing. QUESTION: ... should I start toning it down with the whole Death Note stuff??
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@AdamDean I'm tired n sleepy so I'll just say this... Light had everything planned he would've won easily if all his "servants" had just done what he asked them to do, the only reason N got a hold of the Death Note was because M interfered and M wouldn't have interfered if only Light's dad had killed M when he had the chance. also he didn't really care about his followers that much after what he saw happen in Manhattan with the money flying everywhere. Light was fit to be God of the new world because no one else would have been able to handle the kind of power the Death Note has. Light didn't go insane, his plans were already ruined so he was looking for help he was asking Mikami to at least do something instead of just staying in one spot saying that Light isn't Kira that he's a fake and whatnot, he asked Ryuk for help because... I actually don't even know why but probably because he had nothing else to lose idk (like I said I'm tired it's 3 am so most of this is just me responding to most of your comment without getting into WAY~~ to much detail)
If you enjoy going on with all the Death Note stuff, then you should continue on. Why stop doing something that you enjoy??? If other people don't like it; they can burn in hell. We have one life. (unless you believe in reincarnation.) Why waste it making other people happy if it doesn't make you happy???
@AdamDean very confused
@lonerkid But the whole point of Mikami was that he could behave independently, the same way Light would. Sure Light would have won if this was a game of chess (though he clearly has better peices) since the pieces have no sentience or personality. But it isn't. His god complex in the end, kept him from properly commanding his servants. If he had said something like, Kill as you see fit, but do not go and kill out of schedule regardless of the circumstance. Or something like that. Granted since Takada was the one delivering the messages he would have to be discreet about it, in case Mello didn't kidnap her, or did it later... but this is Light we're talking about. I came up with a feasible way to do it that wouldn't alert Takada, I'm sure Light could've done one better. But he didn't, because he assumed Mikami would behave like he wanted him to, without telling him. And all of Death Note has been based on Light and L trying to trick each other based on how they will react. He weighed options about how intelligent he should appear to seem like he's being sincere but not be too informed. So why can't Light forsee the obvious react Mikami will have? Light has made mistakes before, for example: L: It looks good, except for this part that says "feel free to kill L" If you don't change that I'm going to die. Light: Oh right... I just got caught up in playing Kira. You got wrapped up in playing a genocidal killer we all suspect you of being???????????? Not suspicious at all... Heck even Aizawa was able to derail Light, putting the little marks on the sticky notes and Light didn't notice. I feel like he could have been more clever about that. Near never made such mistakes, instead doing everything calmly and orderly, not acting rashly or on impulse, like Light did in high stress moments. He knew Mello was going to at some point try and kidnap Takada, but didn't plan for it properly. To me, that was a foolish mistake for someone who had spent so much time planning.
@AdamDean I hate to say this, but i agree with all that you said 100% I mean I could go on and keep saying things about how Light should have won n stuff but I know when to stop being stubborn and yeah I know Light made a really stupid mistake but he was 23 years nobody really told him much about owning a Death Note (because no one knew there was such a thing) & yeah your right he pretty much underestimated many people (cuz compared to him most of the characters we're pretty stupid) but like I said I agree with what you said...