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I know this is something of a common joke, but I'll admit that there was one time I saw a hipster guy in downtown San Diego whose beard was so unkempt and bushy that I quite honestly had no idea.

Are there a lot of confusing hipsters in your neighborhood?

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@ctsr1 :) Yeah it is! I've thought about moving up there a Lot...just run away from California altogether. I can't really justify leaving though. The work is Too good right now. I do prefer it up there, though. @danidee I KNOW!
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@HandsomeBacon What part of Florida?!
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pensacola... the Florida/Alabama line
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@danidee @ButterflyBlu.totally worth it and the pay is good too for work. such a nice place to visit and see the sights.
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@ctsr1 I wonder, though, is there much work for a dancer/choreographer in Vancouver?! :P Yes, I'm being difficult. Lol (I've had this "conversation" with my son's grandmother. Bless her. Smh)
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