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This is me and my dachshund, but when I had a chihuahua, I was able to train it to the point where it could just go out and come back by itself. (Which means I never went outside. Ever.)

Confess, you guys: Does this sound like you?

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@supbroscene so tiny lol I'm concerned for when I get a place with a yard and she will be used to the pads but I guess she will learn. meanwhile pads are great for them
@danidee princess 馃槀 ik right so clich茅 I just came up with it in the spur of the moment, now that I look back I wish she had a cooler name but she already knows her name so w.e
@TicaSensei Are you thinking of moving to a new place?
@supbroscene Lol my chihuahua's name was Chico, which I thought would be a super unusual name, but I ended up running into tons of dogs named Chico.
@danidee yes eventually I'll have to go back to the u.s