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Look At Jooheon's Shirt It Will Stab You In The Face
Not literally, but this is an amazing fan service video of Jooheon once again showing who's boss at aegyo and rapping his song he wrote for his grandmother which he sang on Hip-Hop Tribe.

Btw, Jooheon is super teasing us with that shirt!


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Just take off the shirt Jooheon it's obviously ruined 😍
a year ago·Reply
Hahaha 😅 Very True! @PrettieeEmm
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX his body intrigues me so much 😏😂
a year ago·Reply
@xxchicharitoxx This is all a trap! 😯 It's so obvious they gave him a ripped shirt, but he taped it back together! oh man... 🤒
a year ago·Reply
I think every fangirl there wanted to rip up the rest of Jooheon's shirt XD XD And I love that song!!! His rap is amazing!! 😍
a year ago·Reply