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If you're ever in the New England area, one of the places that you can visit is the Ben & Jerry's headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont. There's a factory tour, a ice cream parlor, and a gift shop with beach towels, t-shirts and even ice cream-flavored lipbalms!
Another place you can visit while you're there is the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard, where the founders honor the unique flavors they've had to 'put to rest' in the company's nearly-40-year history.

I am a HUGE fan of Ben & Jerry's - specifically when they release limited edition flavors. Because of this, I've compiled a list of my favorite flavors of the Ben & Jerry graveyard.

Do any of you remember these?

Schweddy Balls


Rum-spiked vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered rum and malt balls. It was named after one of Alec Baldwin's most popular SNL skits!


(1997 - 1998)

Mascarpone ice cream with chocolate-covered cannoli shell pieces and a swirl of mascarpone cheese. Not as good as Schweddy Balls, but definitely a win!

Fossil Fuel

(2005 - 2010)

Sweet cream ice cream with chunk of chocolate cookie, a swirl of chocolate fudge, and MINIATURE CHOCOLATE DINOS. How did this even get discontinued?!

Vermonty Python

(2006 - 2008)

Coffee liqueur ice cream with chocolate cookie crumb swirl and miniature fudge cows. What's with the ones with the mini chocolate creatures getting killed off?

Wavy Gravy

(1993 - 2001)

Caramel, cashew, and Brazil nut-flavored ice cream with a chocolate hazelnut swirl and roasted almonds. Yo, there's practically NUTELLA in there. How could anyone say no?

So what's YOUR favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?

Has it been discontinued, or is it currently still in stores? Which one of the flavors above would you want them to bring back?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more trending foodie fun, follow my #FOODPORN collection!
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I visited one of there a while back! and while I was there I bought a small container of phish food, it was really good! we went on the whole tour and got samples too. I would love to do this again!