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Please Propose To Me With A Puffle

NYC has recently been taken over by a new dessert trend, and I think I'm in love.

Meet the puffle, aka a Hong Kong style egg waffle that is as delicious as it sounds. Now, take that up a level and fill that waffle with ice cream, fruit, cookies, sprinkles, whipped cream, and anything else that will send you into a sugar coma.

That, my friends, is what Eggloo is doing in NYC.

Luckily for me, Singapore is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to dessert, so I was able to grab some when I was visiting this weekend.
Mine was strawberry, caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream, and nutella and it took 4 people to finish it. (My friends are monsters and devoured it before I could get a good picture, so I'll let the more talented Instagrammers do the job)
In Chinatown, NYC, Eggloo is cranking out these insane concoctions daily from noon to 9pm.

The line, since these desserts when viral, is consistently long, but definitely worth the wait.

The waffles themselves come in original, chocolate, and green tea flavor and are made fresh with each order.

You can then choose your toppings and sauce, along with ice cream, and then race against time trying to eat this thing before it melts all over you.

If you're in NY, check them out at 60 Mulberry Street.

If you aren't, I'm sure this trend will be spreading soon (no complaints here!)

Is anyone else drooling a little bit or is this too much!?

Ladies, if you come up to me with that and say lets go watch some anime then I'm yours
*sends to boyfriend to let him know i will only say yes to marriage if this is placed in front of me*
These look amazing! I'm willing to go to new york just to try these but hopefully they come to California soon. I wouldn't even mind gaining weight!
Just get me Mint Chocolate Chip in a cone and I am good ! :)
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Should I buy a lab-grown or naturally-mined diamond?
Should I buy a lab-grown or naturally-mined diamond? There is no wrong answer. The choice is absolutely up to you relying on which kind of diamond you prefer. You should buy a lab-crafted diamond if: 1. You’re searching for a budget-friendly choice (lab-grown diamonds value 30% less, on common than their mined counterparts) 2. A lab made diamond can represent modern love. 3. Maybe you respect the ultra-modern advances in technology You should buy a naturally-mined diamond if: 1. Having a mined diamond made naturally on the Earth is important to you. 2. Maybe you have a basic method to love. 3. A mined diamond can additionally be an illustration of nature’s miracle surrounded via mysterious origins The backside line: Overall, lab-crafted, man-made gemstones share identical bodily and chemical houses as herbal diamonds. Lab-grown is actual diamonds that remaining continually however is an estimated 30% much less high-priced than mined diamonds. Overall, neither diamond is "better." They are now not in opposition with one another. What things are the magnitude you put on your diamond and what it capability to you. While the concept of lab-grown diamonds may be new, we have conducted an in-depth search to identify the best techniques that will result in brilliant and beautiful diamonds, perfect for your special occasion. Responsible & Affordable As they’re created in a managed environment, lab-grown diamonds are shaped inside the house of a few weeks, with honestly no injury to the environment. As a result, they are not only are responsible choice, but also a lot more affordable than mined diamonds. A reputation for innovation! With complete control over every aspect of the designing and creation process, we live by the mantra of constant innovation and always aim to reinvent our technology and designs regularly. Top-notch service and support! Our extraordinarily certified group is made up of diamond professionals and professionals who have installed popularity in the enterprise and work with you to assist in slim down the best diamond for your requirements An Australia-based company Novita Diamonds specializes in lab-grown diamonds of more than a few shapes and sizes. So whether or not you are searching for massive solitaires or small, free diamonds, we have the science and ability for each and every requirement. You can test out our online series of lab-grown diamond rings here, or see them individually at one of our shop places (call first to make certain we have them accessible for you to examine side-by-side!). Quality that speaks for itself! It’s a fallacy that lab-grown diamonds are in any way inferior in quality to mined diamonds. In fact, while both are the same with regards to quality, lab-made diamonds are also a lot more affordable than mined diamonds. In fact, our diamonds are one hundred percent pure and IGI certified, with none of the troubles related to mined diamonds. We’re inclined to guess you won’t be in a position to inform the difference, however the rate variance will be tough to overlook.