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I highly recommend that everyone with any interest in politics and the Arab Spring read the whole linked article. Its by far the best writing I've seen on whats been going on in Egypt. Still, I'll put up a brief summary: Egypt's recent upheaval is called a Civil Society Coup---the removal from power of an elected leader through sustained protest, usually with the aid of the military. These kinds of coups plague new democracies (we have seen similar situations in Venezuela and the Philippines). There are 3 preconditions for a civil society coup: 1. A leader who isn't totally committed to democracy 2. Failure to sustain economic growth or stability 3. Emergence of civil society actors in place of formally organized political opposition Egypt checked off each of these boxes (under Mubarak, 40% of the country lived in poverty; now, 50% do). The article goes into more detail, but it concludes with the assertion that democracy depends on people waiting to throw a failed leader out in an election---not on the streets. >>Food for thought
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