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HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 7 of my Fanfic! Enjoy! :)


Link----› Lets begin with the chapter!


I was falling asleep during this lecture. Couldn't help it, It just wasn't that interesting, then again who likes History. I turned to my right and I noticed I wasn't the only one who was falling asleep. Ariana had her head down as well. A giggle slipped out, which caused her to pick her head up and look at me. "What's so funny? " She said smiling "I thought I was the only one who was getting sleepy in this class, clearly I'm not since you also had your head down" I replied chuckling She giggled quietly and snorted which only made me laugh more. I tried not to laugh too hard or we would get in trouble, but it was too late. "Y/N and Ariana. Since you two clearly have no interest in paying attention, you both will be staying after class and clean" The professor stated. Crap. Barely started class today and already got busted. Ariana and I just nodded our head and he continued with his lecture. We both looked at each other again and giggled silently.


Ever since I over heard Jackson and Mark talking that one night, I had to find out who this Y/N is and where to find her. I wasn't going to let her steal Jackson from me. He is mine and only mine. I waited until the boys finished with their practice so that I can follow them. Maybe he will lead me to her. Call me stalker for all I care. When I want something or someone, I get it. No matter what. ***** About 2 hours have passed, I saw the boys coming out. I right away got into my car and followed them. Of course I was keeping ny distance from them just so I wouldn't be caught. They reached their location and saw they just headed towards their own apartment. I sighed Thinking is was a bust, I was about to leave but I saw Jackson and Mark had stayed by the vehicle chatting. I got off my car, and slowly walked closer so I can hear their conversation. "Are you gonna go see her Jackson? " Mark says "It's late, she's probably asleep already. I'll go see her tomorrow morning" Jackson replies "Ah yeah your right, she probably is. Well aren't you glad she lives next door? You get to see and visit her more often. Makes it easier for you huh? " Mark says with a smirk So she lives in the same apartment.. Better yet, next door to them. I thought to myself. "Yeah, it sure does makes it easier" Jackson replies with a smile. Ugh, no, Jackson. That smile will be removed from you one day. After that, they left. I walked back to my car and headed home. But I wasn't done. Once I got home, I called someone for help. He was a smart and brilliant person. He also had a huge crush on me so I knew he would do anything I asked. *phone rings* "H-Hello? " He answered "Namjoon darling, are you busy? " I reply If your wondering, yes, I am speaking to BTS's Namjoon. I have a lot of friends whom are idols. I met them when I was together with Jackson. Because of him, I became a famous model. So you can see why I want him back. Call me what you like, a bitch, a gold digger. I don't care. He is mine and I will get him back. No matter the obstacle. "A-Ariana? " He responds studdering "Yes handsome, it's me. I was hoping you could help me out with something. I need to know some information about a girl. Can you help me love? I'll make it up to you, I promise" I say "Okay sure, what's the name?" I knew he would say yes. "Her name is Y/N. I don't know her last name but she recently moved here and is staying where Got7 lives. Think you can find her info. Like where she works or goes to school? " "Yeah sure, I can find that out. I'll just hack into their system to find her name and then search her up" he says "Thank you Joonie, I owe you. Send me the details of what you got" I say and sent a kiss through the phone "No problem Ari, anytime" He says And we hung up. ***** 4 hours have gone by and I finally received the text I've been waiting for. Namjoon found out her full name, where she lived, parents name, schools she's been to, and where she's worked in California. "So she's not from here is it that Jackson fell for her! How did they meet!" I say angrily But then, Namjoon sent me another message that made me smile completely. From Joonie: She works at the library downtown. The school she is going to is Brown University and is taking 2 classes; History and a Korean Language class I know what I must do now....Enroll to the same classes....I mean, that way, I can keep a close eye on her to start my plan. *The Next Day At School* As I drove to school,  all I could think of was a plan to get close to Y/N. Maybe I can befriend her. It would hurt her more with the plan I was thinking to ruin her and Jackson. I smiled at the thought of that. Finally, made it. Can't believe I signed up for school. Gross I made my way to the classroom, hoping she was already there. I was right, their she was. The girl on the picture Joonie had sent me along with the information he found of her. I saw that she was really interested in her phone. She was all smiles but then she started being serious and in deep thought.  I wonder who she's texting. "Umm, Are you okay there?" I said to her. She looked up at me and said  "Y-yeah, was just at thought" I knew it. It was probably Jackson she was texting with. I remembered she had responded back and I haven't said anything so I said "I can tell" And giggled Then, I took the seat next to hers. I saw their were lots of other empty seats but I wanted to be close to her to get to know her and become 'good friends' with her. "By the way, my name is Ariana" I say breaking the silence. "Mine is Y/N" She says short and simple. I looked at her smiling. I was good at faking smiles. I already didn't like her but for the sake of my plan on ruining her and Jackson, I would have to suck it up. "Nice to meet you Y/N, we should be best friends!" I then said smiling excitedly "Sure, I could use a friend, I don't really have much friends here since I'm new around here" She says smiling back. Step 1: Befriend the enemy.            Check.



This class was making me so sleepy. It was super bored I decided to do what Y/N was doing. Seems like she was bored as well.  It felt like hours in this class and I was soon dozing off until I heard a giggle. I picked up my head to see it was Y/N whom was laughing. "What's so funny?" I say smiling "I thought I was the only one who was getting sleepy in this class, clearly I'm not since you also had your head down" She replied chuckling I giggled quietly and accidentally snorted which only made her laugh more. It was annoying but whatever. 'Be patient Ariana, be patient' I repeated to myself in my mind. "Y/N and Ariana. Since you two clearly have no interest in paying attention, you both will be staying after class and clean" The professor stated. 'Great, already got in trouble because of this bitch!'  We both just nodded our head and he continued with his lecture. Then we both turned to look at each other again and giggled silently. 'The shit I will need to put up with. But don't think your smile will stay for long Y/N, soon it will turn the other way around. Wanna know why... Because I'm going to take Jackson from you. That's why..' *******


Class was finally over, but I wasn't excited since I had to stay after class and clean. Everybody, including the teacher left the classroom in a hurry, leaving Ariana and Me behind. "I can't believe we got busted on the first day of class" I say "I know right. Oh well, at least we get to know each other more for a bit" Ariana responds "Yeah that's true" I responded back "Hey, how about we do our homework together to finish quicker?" Ariana says looking at me smiling "Yeah, sure, that sounds like a good idea. We can head to my place if you like" I respond "Sounds good to me!" She says jumping up and down like a little girl ******* We finally finished cleaning the trash the students left behind. I swear, they cant throw their paper in the trash. We grabbed our stuff and headed out to the parking lot. Ariana had offered to give me a ride since she came in her car.  "Dear Lord, this is your car?!?!?!" I say in a shocked voice "Yup, I got it with my first paycheck"  She says giggling "My god, what is your job? If you don't mind me asking" I say "I don't mind, I'm a model" She says smiling "A-A model? oh my god, I am friends with a model?!?!?!" "Yes you are" She says laughing I cant believe I am friends with a professional model. **** "Right here to the left. You can park in front of the building" I say as we arrived to my apartment. We got off the car and started to walk inside the building. "Oh my god no way! You live here too?!?!" Ariana's screams out "Live here too? What do you mean?" I say curiously "My boyfriend lives here too, that's why" She says laughing "Ohhhh I see. That is so weird, but that's cool" I say smiling and walking to my apartment "Yeah, I don't know which one though since I hardly come here to see him because of our schedules, but I know he lives here since I waited for him once before at the front"  She responded All I could think of was how weird that sounded. But I didn't pay too much attention to it. **** "Here we go, this is my place" I say as I opened up the door, letting her inside. "Wooow, this is a nice place you got here Y/N" She says "Thank you, my parents picked it out"  I responded "Well they chose a good place" She said "You can set your stuff there on the couch. I'm gonna go make something for us both to eat because after cleaning, I got hungry. You want anything to drink in the meantime?" "I'll just have some water. Need some help with anything?" She says "No its okay, i'm good. You can turn the TV on if you like" "Are you sure? I don't mind helping out" "Yea I'm sure, no worries. Here's your water" I say smiling "Alright then, let me know if you need any help okay?" She says smiling "Okay will do" I say smiling back at her and headed to the kitchen. ***** *Door Knock* "I'll get the door Y/N!" I hear her yell out "Okay thank you!" I yell back


I went to open the door while Y/N was in the kitchen. "Well look who it is" She says "A-Ariana? What the hell are you doing her-" "I just got finished with the food Ariana. It's just warming up. Who's at the door?" Y/N says coming out of the kitchen cutting him off. And let my plan begin... I turned around to look at Y/N and put on my acting face. "It's my Boyfriend! I didn't know you both knew each other already. How exciting!" I say jumping up and down, pulling him towards me.


My heart felt like it's been stabbed and ripped out of me when I saw who she was talking about and how her arms were all over him..... Jackson Wang... "W-what?" Was all I was able to say As I turned to see that Jackson's shocked eyes were on me.... To Be Continued....

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@JessWang90 are you going to update soon Cuz like I'm dying here lol
geez .....let's see...Jackson will straighten it out but the girl will be like we'll I'm friends with Ariana and can't go for he guy...since obviously she still cares or some stuff like that
@janellym123 We shall see 😏
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