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Our society has predefined norms related to gender role and relationship among young adults. So when an individual does not follow these set norms, it can bring chaos for both individuals involved. Minor fights and arguments are common between partners, where small faults and dislikes are talked about. But when certain undesirable habits or unacceptable behavior become constant, it can create unsolvable issues for any couple. Read more at Buzzle:http://www.buzzle.com/articles/things-you-should-never-tolerate-in-a-relationship.html
That wasn't about small arguments... That was basically the checklist of "Signs You Need To Split." Some of those issues are pretty serious. I've dealt with abuse and I don't consider it a "talk it out" sort of relationship issue...
I think small arguments really show you if the relationship can work further. If you can talk it out, move on, and grow, then its great. If you can't it may be time to move on.
@ButterflyBlu you're so right, I didn't click the link! I only read what was on the card...those kinds of problems are definitely not talk it out arguments >:(