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About 3 weeks ago I shared about my recent experiment with capsule wardrobe. It's essentially a concept to par down what I own and stick to those pieces throughout the season and even year. The struggle of this project is every time I pick up a magazine or browse through fashion articles on the web my eyes are distracted by the pretty outfits. I think I'm doing okay. This spring, the only clothing purchased I made was my test buy from ASOS and this past weekend was the first time I spent over $100 on clothes. That's a progress guys! It was on super sale and I really needed new jeans.
Meanwhile, I came across an old article on J.Crew today about writer Alice Gregory and her uniform. If you don't have time to read the article she wrote here's a background. Gregory wears the same outfit (black turtle neck and jeans) from Fall to Spring because it helps her save money by the trail-and-error of purchasing clothes. She explained that uniform is "a way of asserting your status as a protagonist." Which is why characters in picture books never change their clothes. After reading the article I began to think about successful people who wore a uniform.

After reading the article I immediately thought about successful people who wore a uniform.

Steve Jobs

The first person who popped up in my head was the late Steve Jobs. His iconic outfit, black mock neck and jeans was styled purposely as a signature identity for himself and Apple. It was reported he owned 100 of the same tops.

Mark Zuckerberg

The facebook creator's uniform is a grey t-shirt.

Carrie Donovan

She's one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. She was the also the fashion editor for Vogue, Haprer's Bazaar and The New York Times. Her iconic outfit is black attire, pearls and black-framed glasses.

Matilda Kahl

She's an art director. I only heard of her through her article on Bazaar. She wore the same outfit to work everyday to save time in the morning.
This is a challenging concept and it does take a lot of patience and self-control to keep it working. I do find wearing a uniform more practical because you spend less time on decision making and more time on productivity. I'm curious how people might think though because we are brought up in a society where putting on a different outfit each day is a norm. Just for experimenting, I might come in to work one week with the same outfit and see if anyone notice and give me a weird look.

Has anyone thought of wearing the same outfit to work?

I dont wear uniform but i have kept only 4 dresses to wear at work. same style but in 4 colors. because its automatically decided what i am gonna wear. it saves me from early morning styling efforts. Sometimes i wish we had a uniform for work place 😀
heh... i do it for school, weekly, and the jobs I've held required me to wear a uniform. guess I dont mind at all, and saves me the hassle of shopping. I also have a bad habit of shopping and not wearing what I bought 😆
i wouldn't. too boring.
I do this. When I find something I like I buy multiples in different colors. Black slacks are a staple. I also buy multiples of the same tank top in every color since I layer my tops. It makes getting ready for work faster and simpler.
No. I get bored too easily
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