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One of the confusing parts about any contour / blush / bronze is figuring out where to wear it! Even after watching many beauty gurus, it can be confusing to figure out what works on your face.
Since I just got a new blush that is more intense in color than my previous blushes, I'm taking today to figure out HOW I should try wearing it! I want to try ALL of these locations!

Wear blush according to your face shape!

Check out this chart, but if you're like me and not really sure what face shape you have, just take a day to try all the locations of blush & see what you like best! If you wear glasses, try putting it on the top of your cheekbone - it works for many glasses wearers!

Another bonus tip: the two finger blush rule!!

Learn it from Wayne here!!

Build your blush up SLOWLY!

This way, you won't overdo the color. You can always add more, but taking blush off can be a total pain, so be careful!
Bonus tip: Make sure you're applying a powder between your foundation and blush. It'll help it blend out better and smoother!!