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Seriously, you know who you are <3

I go through phases with makeup - I've pretty much always worn at least the bare minimum (eyeliner & mascara for me!) but these days I'm really just having so much fun playing with my makeup & seeing what looks I can accomplish! That enjoyment is starting to spill over into fashion & hair too, but for now, makeup is queen!
But honestly, these days a compliment about my makeup will make me blush more than a cheesy pick up line - please let my suitors know :D
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The part where she's fanning her face and saying she can't cry is so me. I'm not ruining my artwork.
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@EasternShell ugh I know!!! hahaha. for some reason when I laugh hard I always tear up so much so I'm always yelling at my coworker to STOP making me laugh lol
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