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When it comes to my hair I'm really picky with what I use after drying out my hair by a perm ( I regret) about 3 years ago. I'm especially cautious with the ingredients. If it has paraben, silicone or anything that is higher than a 4 on EWG's Skin Deep database I will not purchase. The struggle of living in a foreign country is I don't have much option but I was thankful to find something that works. Over the two years of living abroad I've been relying on these two shampoos by Aromatica! I found this product a local beauty store.

Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo

Last year, this has been my favorite shampoo. Tea tree is great for oily, itchy scalp and while I didn't struggle with any of those it helps keep my hair clean and refresh for two or three days. Since this is like a clarifying shampoo it might not be the best choice for people with dry skin. The formula is really gentle so it does not irritate your scalp.

Rosemary Thickening Shampoo

As you know I was struggling hair problem at the beginning of the year. Due to malnutrition and horrible sleeping habit my hair started to fall off more during shower. A couple months ago, I purchased this shampoo in place of my regular tea tree shampoo under the same brand. I love the scent of rosemary but I didn't like smelling like a walking herb. Originally, I was going to stop switch back to the tea tree one but my hair was slowly getting back to normal (less hair falling in shower and more healthy)! I'm not sure if the shampoo was helping or my eating and sleeping habit. Anyways, I'm content and the smell is slowly growing on me. It's actually refreshing and once in a while I would spritz rose toner on my hair to get hide the rosemary scent.
The consistency of both shampoo is more runny than most shampoo I used but it's okay as long as it get the job done. I usually rub my palms together to get a lather before applying it in the scalp, so I don't waste any liquid.