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Can I have this zico back?

so after the "Toy" comeback I really did not like his hair at all!! but it was whatever because I liked the song, I love block B and P.O is my bias lol but I was just re watching all of Block Bs videos and on a different version of "very good" I found this beautiful gem!
why?? I always really love super blonde... but this hair on zico is soooo hot!
I enjoy zicos different crazy hair styles for tge MV but never really found it to be attractive, until I saw this... and I honestly only have known Block B for a short time and I like Zico and his music but wow he looks so good.
this black hair looks so good on him as well! he is such a good looking guy!-

ahh yeah! you go zico and your crazy hair!

Zico is bae, always will be but some styles are just too much. Had me asking if he lost a bet on the more recent cut of his. @_@
zico is everything he has power that no one else has
I miss his old hair too
@CallMeMsDragon soooi hot! I love it
@BabydollBre yup! but in this one! omg he is like a different person !
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