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Bernie Sanders would be one of those anime fans that are SUPER concerned with animation studios.

Donald Trump would blame terrorism on virtually every single major anime character from the past 20 years.

Jeb Bush would drop out of the election to finish the next chapter of his long-awaited Evangelion fanfic.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's just determined to make it to Master Trainer someday.

If the presidential candidates were all otaku, which one would YOU vote for?

if Donald Trump wanted to make a wall he could design it like the one from aot
I wish they were all otaku lol, base on your otaku protection, I'd vote for Bernie or Jeb, anyone who dares to call for deportation of pikachu, should get the electric chair!
sorry I brought it up I just want to watch anime and give up on the 3d world. lottery won't let me win it though so I got to work 60 hour weeks and pay taxes.
I like cheese
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