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So we always hear about people that own exotic pets - like wildcats or monkeys, baby foxes or domesticated skunks.

But did any of us ever expect anyone to go, "Hey, today let's give adopting a grizzly bear a try?"

Well, now there's Russian couple, Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, the parents of a very massive fur baby, Stepan

They adopted Stepan when he was only three months old - and now he's so big that he eats over 50 pounds of food a day.

He also enjoys the occasional spot of tea!

In the 23 years they've had him, the Panteleenkos claim that Stepan has never attacked and actually LOVES people.

He even loves playing with his owners in the backyard - from playing a few rounds of fetch to helping out in the garden.

You can watch Stepan and his family enjoying a typical day in the video above!

So how do you feel about domesticated grizzly bears? Is this the BEST IDEA EVER or still completely dangerous?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more weird but true news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!
50 lbs of food?!! At what point do you draw the line and say, "Okay, it's time you learn how to forage for your own food."?
@RiggaFoster you just wrote a essay there lol, I'm still reading it through...
yes, this is an awesome story as well as heartwarming. however, as a licensed wildlife rehabilitation as well as a certified animal behaviour specialist, I can honestly say this is very dangerous.......not that I wouldn't keep him either, but only if he was completely unable to be released back to the wild. I have had the pleasure of working with all kinds of wildlife, including tigers, and lions, and bears (oh my)! I have even been a veterinarian technologist zoo keeper. When working with wildlife, no matter what age you got them or how long you've had them, there is ALWAYS a chance of danger and you must learn their moods and mating seasons.....here's why: I was working at a the zoo where the owners had a Caribou (aka Reindeer) named Hersey. they had Hersey since he was 2 months old. he was magnificent. he was 8 years old when I started working for the zoo. All antlered animal as go through a period called "rut" when the velvet comes off the horns revealing the bones of the antlers and the mark of their mating season. this is a violent time as the bucks become extremely aggressive around a doe. the owner of the zoo decided to get a female so he could breed Hersey. I tried to explain to him that extra precautions we're needed as Hersey will now become aggressive, even deadly. A male will chase the female and will goudge her (impale her on his antlers) if she doesn't have the room to get away. while Hersey was in velvet, I would rub his massive antlers and learned how to avoid being impaled by them if he went on an attack. rut season came and my fears became real when Hersey impaled the female! the stupid owner decided to enter the pen against my warnings telling me that he had "raised Hersey from a baby and knew Hersey would never" hurt him. I called for backup over the radio then called the veterinarian for an ambulance for the female.....she was alive but badly injured. I had just hung up the phone when I watched in horror, Hersey impale the owner!!!! Hersey paraded around his pen with the owner on his antlers and it was up to me to save his life! I had told the owner several times that we needed a tranq gun just in case but he refused to get one saying we didn't need it. I had to think fast and sent my helpers to get the Hood off an old vehicle we had on the grounds. i had the guys carry the hood, using it as a shield, and I sent the vet in to get the female out of the pen. at the same time, I went in to get the owner. I had to get Hersey to throw th...
Omg how cute! I want one!
@AreliOlivares the thought is unBEARable
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