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According to Leader-Nim, Eomma, Appa, Oppa, Dongsaeng, Hoobae, Sunbae & Comedian, Suho of EXO, their comeback is in one week. He had revealed some spoilers on V-Live. EXO will be having a showcase on June 8th (7th). Their comeback will be the day after June 9th (8th). He describes the comeback concept as 'culture shocking'. Along with this comeback, they will be having personal VLIVE shows for the fans. Apparently, Chanyeol will show his recording studio, Kyungsoo (D.O) will cook, Suho will bake bread or cake, and Sehun will be playing with his dog. They have been working hard and preparing for this comeback. They will work harder after comeback because the Dream Concert is near. Their comeback, according to Kai (Jongin) of EXO, was stated that it'll be a dark, heavy comeback concept rather than a light one. These rumors were going around in the EXO fanbase that it'd be a dark concept. Also, Kai was seen putting up signs i China(?) at fanmeetting that had questioned many fans. Suho confirmed the fans' theories were true. There are special stages ready for EXO-L (L-GIS). I want everyone to prepare, EXO is coming back!

Don't forget about the special personal V LIVE Videos they have prepared. Also, don't forget to #EXOComeback " or other (better) hashtags for EXO on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, anywhere...ETC. Let's make them trend to show some support for their hard word! Have a great day/night ;)

~~~Tatelo Hyehae[TaliMarks] out! *PREPARE FAMILY!*💀 💢💢

Information may change. We do still have one week.💢💢

correct me if I'm wrong ;)
here's a bonus for actually reading(?) this👀
I want to watch the vlive so badly but you have to pay roughly 1000 v coins,which translates to around 23.99 dollars on really money 😩😭😭😭 so I won't be able to see them because I'm broke 😭😭😭
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