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So I'm out of the loop on lots of things but I'm so proud of these boys. And I was right along with most of the members who were bawling their eyes out. Except Wonwoo who was just smiling away haha. Jeonghannie was just in so much shock. I think Jihoon hit me the most, just the fact that he seems so unbelievably emotional. I can't even begin to imagine how he must feel with that win.
All I can say now is I hope many more wins come their way.
Also did you see Hakyeon's kind smile?! He must remember how it felt their first win. Especially with Seungcheol breaking down much like he did with their first win.
One more thing...I can't wait until Astro gets their first win. I know I am going to be a mess with them because I mean....4/6 feel like my sons and Jinwoo feels like my brother and then there's Myungjun....