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Ok you guys it is official!!!! Start getting your comeback survival kits together!!!!
This was on EXO's Kakao account and this* is an article I found on Soompi. I am so excited! EXO is my UB group as many of you know. And since I don't think Sing For You counts, this will be my first EXO comeback! 🙀 Just a warning, upcoming EXO cards may not contain coherent sentence. I apologize ahead of time for my fangirling.
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no no nooooooooooo!!!!!! im not ready!!!!! EXO!!! my heartu my heartu! it's gonna explode!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh 😦😦
Ahhhh!!! I'm not ready but I can't wait!!
@taetaebaozi you sound like me lol I am sooo not ready. Especially with rumors of it being a dark concept. And Suho talking about it will be a "culture shock"🙀💀what are they going to do to us?!?!
@Tigerlily84 right!!! thats what im saying!
I'm so excited🙌 but on the inside I'm screaming😨😱 I never bought any kpop merchandise but I really want their album😭