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If you are lazy and you know it, this is the way to work out!
cool thx u ;)
@oj1992 sounds gooddd! i've been trying the knee push ups but it hurts SO BAD!!!! my arms are definitely getting toned but i acn tell that i still have a really long way to go.... :3
@miranpark88 I feel that the single leg raise is more for the outer thigh. Yes the inner thigh is the most difficult to tone. So I will definitely try out the inner thigh pulse exercise listed here. Will tell you the effectiveness of it a few months down the road.
@oj1992 i heard that the single let raise is REALLY good for you specially for the inner thighs that is so easy to get flappyyyyyy! hahahah i hope i can be a good girl and do it everydayyy
@kristenadams hahahahahaha i guess that everyone goes through the lazy phaseee has happened to me beforeeee!
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