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@carenabobo those are amazing tipssss!!!! ill definitely keep them i minddd :D maybe ill have some kiwi every morning and see how it goes!! Do you have any other great health tipsss? :D
4 years ago·Reply
Fennel is the best drinks that help burn fat ..... And have a great interest is the skin tightening
4 years ago·Reply
@carenabobo I think its greatttttt :D you should put it uppp so everyone can see ittt! there are soo many girls who would love to hear your health secretss
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 Thank you ..... Those Arab recipes found on sites famous for Doctors Weight Control .... And I've its experience with women in gym
4 years ago·Reply
colon cancer runs in the fam. grapefruits will be bought tomorrow
4 years ago·Reply