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Learning Korean with TOP'S IG Comments
YB: 멋지다 우리 코지형 (Mot-ji-da u-ri ko-ji-hyung) TOP: 어머 오빠 록스타! (O-mo o-ppa rok-su-ta) GD: 존잘 (Jon-jal) YB: Cool, our cozy(kush) hyung. TOP: Omo, Oppa rockstar! GD: Damn handsome. Vocabulary: 멋지다: Cool, good 우리: Our 어머: Omo, omg 오빠: Older brother 존: didn't find the right translation for this 😕. 잘: well Credit: Comments on @kucasso IG on 16/05/23. Trans by @BigBang_Likes on IG. This were older comment made on @kucasso's IG feed. TOP rarely comments, so sometimes I'll post his older comments 😉. Tag List: @JackieG1617