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I just finished Fairy Tail last night on crunchyroll ( yes I know I'm late ) and Fairy Tail disbanded and everyone set out on there paths .but Natsu and Lucy set to bring them back and then boom that was it......... IS THERE GONNA BE ANOTHER SEASON OR ANYTHING OR ARE THEY JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THAT
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Yep.. The new season was supposed to start in April but they pushed it back for the exact same reason.. I'm upset... :( though I read the manga for both XD @Glokage
Read the manga to continue
I was wondering if anyone else felt like that, I know that the manga is still going but I was freaking out when I saw that last episode , like I was emotionally damaged for a good week
I'm sure they will start another season when the manga gets far enough ahead that they can safely do so.
They're on hiatus for a year or more. Mashima wants to be able to take more breaks with the manga and get far enough ahead