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I wake up to the sun shining through my bedroom window. My whole room turns into a sea of different shades of yellow and orange. I take my camera from the night stand and take a picture of my room. When I put my camera back on the night stand I see my phone blinking. I have a missed call from a blocked number. Could that have been Ken calling again? But why would he call from a blocked number. I'll find out later on. Right now I need to get ready for work. I shower, curl my hair, put mascara on and put on a black long sleeve crop top, high waisted washed out light blue jeans, a teal colored with triangular patterns cardigan with my black three inch heel ankle boots. I put my phone in my clutch bag and put my camera bag over my shoulder and head to work. "Good morning everyone." I say as I step into the studio. "Chichi you need to come over here fast." Amber runs to my side and whispers in my ear. "I'm mad at you right now, Amber." I say glaring at Amber. "What did I do?" Amber says confused. "You gave my number to a guy you don't even know?" I say. "I do know him. He's in my psychology class and he was really worried about you. So yes I did give him your number. Plus he's cute." Amber pauses then sighs. "You gotta stop pushing people away just because of the things that happened in the past. It's been more than a year it's time to move on and meet a cute guy." Amber says while grabing my wrist and taking me to the room where the photo shoot is taking place. "You need someone like him to get your mind off of things." There were two models, a female and a male. The female model was facing forward and the male model was giving his back to the camera. The female had an innocent aura about her but the guy....the guy had more of a mysterious feel to him. "There's no way a model would want to date a nobody like me." I say to Amber without taking my eyes off of the male model. "Ok. Ready? Go." Jack the photographer says to the models. When the camera starts clicking the male model turns around. "He's cute right Chichi?" Amber says then looks at me. "Chichi.... Chichi are you ok? You look pale." "Amber..." I say softly and feel my legs getting weak. "Yes?" Amber says gently holding my arm. "That's...that's Hongbin." I say and Amber looks at me confused. "My childhood friend." Now both Amber and I are staring at Hongbin with blank faces. "Chichi can you help me here instead of drooling over the models." Jack says. I see Hongbin look at me but his face expression stays indifferent. Like if he doesn't know who I am. "Ye...Yes sir." I hesitate to say. The whole day I keep looking at Hongbin but he doesn't do much to even steal a glance at me. Has he forgotten about me? I feel a pain in my heart the more I see that Hongbin really doesn't recognize who I am. The day has finally come to an end and as everybody is cleaning up I take this opportunity to approach Hongbin. "Hi." I say shyly. "Hey." Hongbin says with a confused look. "Don't you know who I am?" I ask. "Yes of course." Hongbin says confidently. And I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding. "You're Jack's assistant." Hongbin says and I feel like a knife just went through my heart. I turn around before he could see the tears fall from my eyes. I take my things as fast as I can and leave the studio. "Chichi where are you going?" Amber says but doesn't follow after me. «Hongbin stares at Chichi while she's walking away with a sympathetic look» My eyes are full of tears and I can't even see where I'm going. Next thing I know I bump into someone and my camera bag falls to the floor. "Shit! My camera." I wipe my tears and pick up my camera bag off the floor and open it to make sure everything is ok. "Good everything is in its place." "Ahem." I hear someone clear their throat. "Oh. I'm so..." I look up to see non other than Ken. "Oh it's you." "I think the word you were looking for is sorry." Ken says smiling. "I accept your apology." I say with a sarcastic smile and walk away. And I hear Ken come after me. «Hongbin was chasing after Chichi but then stopped when he saw Chichi and Ken walking away together» "So where are you coming from?" Ken asks cheerfully. "I thought you weren't going to bother me anymore? I say. "I don't remember saying that." Ken says with a slight smile. "Of course you don't." I roll my eyes. "Are you hungry? Cause I'm hungry. They have really good pizza here." Ken says and grabs my hand and pulls me inside a pizza parlor. «Hongbin is across the street watching Ken drag Chichi inside the pizza parlor» "I'm not hungry." I say. "You'll be hungry after you taste this pizza. Trust me." Ken says while putting the slice of pizza in front of me. I give Ken a confused look and take a bite of the pizza and he gives me a wide smile like if asking 'how is it?' "It's ok." I say. "Yea right. You know you love it." Ken says still smiling widely and I can't help but smile back. "Why are you so nice to me after the way I've been treating you?" I ask. "I don't know." Ken says and looks to the side as if he was thinking of something. "I guess it's because I know you're not so mean after people get to know you." "And how would you know that?" I ask. "Because Amber told me." Ken says. "Of course she did." I say. "What is Amber to you?" Ken asks. "Is she your best friend?" "No. She's my cousin. Her mom took me in when my parents passed away." I say in an uncaring voice. "I'm sorry." Ken says softly. "It's whatever. It was a long time ago anyways." I say. "You and Amber don't look related. So I thought you were best friends." Ken says. "My best friends are gone from my life just like my parents." I say. "I'm sorry...again." Ken says sympathetically. "You don't need to feel sorry for me. I'm good by myself." I say. I stand up and leave the pizza parlor without saying another word and Ken follows me. "I didn't mean to offend you in anyway." Ken says while trying to catch up to me. "I don't need pity from anyone." I say. "I wasn't giving you pity. I was just being polite." Ken says. "Well...stop being so polite." I say softly and Ken chuckles. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Ken asks. "I don't know. Why?" I ask. "Tomorrow my band and I have a gig in a lounge. Would you like to go?" Ken asks and I can see the hope in his eyes. We stop in front of my apartment building. "I don't know..." I say. "Well that wasn't a no so I'll text you the details tomorrow. Got it? So pay attention to your phone." Ken says and walks away not giving me a chance to respond. "He's really a piece of work." I smile to my self. I step inside my apartment and put all of my stuff down. Today was a hectic day. I swear that was Hongbin in the photo studio today but he didn't recognize me at all. Was I just seeing things? No. That was him for sure. 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