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Fake Texts: BTS V pt. 1
This is the only convo Ive had with V (this is actually 2 convos e.e) 😐 He's trying to cheat on my niece with me e.e I wont let that happen because I love Jin ^-^ μ•ˆλ…• (Annyeong) - Hello/Bye 뭐 (Mwo) - What λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ (Mianhae) - Sorry λ‚˜ κ°„λ‹€ (Na Ganda) - Im leaving/going λ‰΄ν† γ… μ˜Ή (Nyuto oo ong) .... Doesn't mean anything xD I just wanted to see if he'd type in hangeul or understand what I was saying c; ~SeNa μ„Έλ‚˜πŸ“ Now... How do I link this to my last post....?..... μ•ˆλ…•! ^^
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