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Of course I'm a fan of G-Dragon, and a fan of Taeyeon. And a BIG FAN OF BIG BANG & SNSD. But seriously, maybe I'm just the only one.. I DO NOT SHIP GD & TAEYEON.
I'm just going to get to the point.. I just don't ship them. LIKE SERIOUSLY!! I love them individually and love them in their own groups. But GD & TAEYEON? Seriously.. I just don't see it, I don't ship it. And after all these false information is like OMG.. And thinking that just because they use the same Snapchat filter, liking the same photo or even each other's photo, is seriously the dumbest way to say that "they have a thing." I just don't get it. 馃拋馃徎馃檮馃槶
BUT to all those GD & TAEYEON shippers, I am not hating or saying anything. I'm just giving my own opinion how I think it is and how this is one of dumbest articles I've read so far.. Still loving GD & TAEYEON as their own individual though. 馃挊
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I don't believe in ANY of this "evidence" as it's called. SMH. But if they are truly dating, good for them. I just wish people would let them be and stop trying to start rumors that they have no legitimate proof for.
I don't ship this mess either. Rumors like this get them in trouble
But like no.
In all honesty, I can't picture them together even though I love them both.
I can't see them together 馃槕 idk I just can't the picture won't get in my head I just see Nyongtory and such