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I wake up to my alarm clock ringing. It's 7:00 in the morning. I get out of bed, tie up my hair in a ponytail and put on some spandex pants that are up to my knees, a sports bra and a running jacket on top of that. Ever since my father passed away I had to deal with a lot of stress so when I was fourteen my aunt and I used to jog every Sunday to relieve stress. But then one day my aunt hurt her ankle really badly that she couldn't jog with me anymore so I just started jogging by myself and it still helps me relieve my stress. It's a good thing I live near Central Park so I won't have to jog with so many people around me. New York is always filled with a lot of people no matter what time of the day it is. I get to Central Park, put my headphones on and begin my jog. It feels extra peaceful today and I'm really liking it. After jogging for a while I feel like someone is in back of me but when I look back no one is there. I start to feel really uncomfortable so I just head back home. I shower, put some shorts and a hoodie on. "What am I going to eat?" I ask myself. "I guess I'll just do some pancakes and eggs." Right when I'm about to start eating my phone vibrates. It's a text from Ken. *Don't forget about tonight. It's at LoLa lounge @ 8 o'clock. Don't be late!* I roll my eyes at the phone and place the screen facing down on the table. After I finish breakfast I clean the apartment, do some laundry and before I know it it's 7 o'clock. My phone vibrates. Another text from Ken. *Just in case if you're planning on not showing up I'll be in front of your apartment in 30 minutes. See you soon.* Just great. I don't even know what to wear. I run to my closet and take out a white blue flower patterned crop top, a beige blazer, light blue ripped jeans that are folded up to my ankles and black pumps. I curl my hair and do my make up before getting dressed. As I'm putting my shoes on my doorbell rings. I put perfume on before opening the door. Ken is wearing a white and grey striped shirt with a cotton navy blue blazer that sleeves roll up to the elbows with white cufflinks and blacks jeans with black combat boots. I feel my heart race a little bit. What's wrong with me? Get it together Chichi. "May I come in? Or are you going to keep on staring at me all night?" Ken asks with a wide smile. His smile is very charming. "Ye...yes come in. I'll be right out." I say as I run to my room. As I'm putting my lipstick on I hear Ken say, "You run pretty fast for someone in heels." "It's something girls are born with." I say while walking out of my room with my purse in hand. Ken looks at me and flashes me one of his charming smiles. He stands up and walks over to me. "You look really stunning. Well even more stunning than you do every other day." Ken says softly. "Ken. Are you flirting with me?" I say and give Ken a side look with a smile. "Maybe I am." Ken says. "Let's go." Ken leads me to his car and opens the passenger door for me and I thank him. During the drive I see Ken glance at me a few times. "Say what you want to say and stop staring at me like that." I say. "No it's nothing....It's just...I've never seen you smile so much. It looks nice on you." Ken says softly and I smile. "There isn't much things in my life that make me smile." I say. "Well now you have someone to always make you smile." Ken says. "I guess I do." I smile. We arrive at LoLa lounge and the room is dark with flashing colorful lights everywhere and crowded with people. "Wow it's already packed with people." I say. "Yup. We're actually late." Ken smiles and grabs my wrist and takes me backstage to where the rest of the band are getting ready to go on stage. "Ken where the hell were you. We're on in five minutes." One of the guys says and then looks at me. "So this is the girl from the park?" He smiles at me. "Yes it's her. Don't stare to much. Ok?" Ken playfully threatens his band mate. His band mate approaches me. "Hi my name is N. It's nice to meet you." N puts his hand out in front of me and I shake it. "Hi." I say shyly. "This is Leo, Ravi and our youngest member Hyuk." N introduces me to the rest of the band members. Wow I've never seen so many tall cute guys all in one room before. I feel like I'm backstage in a fashion show. I come back to my senses when I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Chichi we're going on now so go and find yourself a spot in the front." Ken says pointing to the crowd of people. I nod my head. I do what Ken told me to do and find a spot in the front. Ken and his band start singing and all the girls in the crowd go wild. At one point in the song Ken comes up to me, takes my hand and kisses it and I hear all the girls suck their teeth at me and I can't help but smile at their jealousy. The boys sing two more songs before they leave the stage. The Dj starts to play music and everyone in the lounge starts dancing except for me. "Where's the bar? I need a drink." I say to myself. As I look around I see a wall full of liquor bottles and a glass bar table with clear bar stools in front of it. "Thank god cause my feet are killing me." I sit on the bar stool and order a Cosmo. I receive my drink and turn around in the stool to face the dancing crowd. It's nice seeing people having fun even if I'm not the one having it. "You have a nice smile." I hear a voice say. "May I buy you a drink?" A man with a sleazy look says. "No thank you." I say unimpressed. "But the girl next to you seems like she wants you to buy her a drink. And maybe she'll give you something in return." I turn to face the guy. "Because that's what you thought I was going to give you in return right? Well you thought wrong so get out my face." The guy grabs my wrist and pulls me towards him. "Who do you think you are?" The man says. Then someone grabs the man's collar. "Who do you think YOU are, grabbing a lady's wrist like that?" The guy holding the man's collar says and then turns to me. "Are you ok Chichi?" "Ye...yes Ken. I'm fine." I reply shocked. Ken has so many different sides to him that I don't even know what he'll do next. Ken pushes the man back and the man turns away and leaves. Ken turns to me and holds my hand to examine my wrist. "He didn't hurt you right?" Ken says looking for the man again. "No. Ken. I'm fine I promise." I say while holding his hand so he would face me and give him a reassuring smile and he smiles back. "Ok good." Ken says showing me his charming smile again. "Can we leave? I don't want to stay here any longer." I say. "Yes of course." Ken says while grabbing my hand and leading me out of the lounge. Ken drives me home. "Do you want to take a walk?" I ask. "Sure." Ken says. As we're walking none of us say one word. "You... "I... We both say at the same time. "You first." I say. "Ladies first." Ken says gesturing to me. "Ok....you have many different sides to you..." I say and Ken laughs. "How?" He asks. "Well you have a nice side, a talented side, and an angry side. I just never knew someone could have so many different personalities." I say. "Well over all I'm a nice guy. I just fight and defend for who I think is worth defending." Ken says and holds my hand. Ken and I keep on walking and talking for a few minutes until we arrive back to my apartment building. "So here we are." Ken says. "Yes....I had a great time tonight." I say. "So will you let me take you out on a real date?" Ken asks. "Well about that....we'll just have to see." I say as I turn around to step inside my building and Ken grabs my hand and pulls me close to him. "Yes we will." He says and kisses my hand and I feel myself blush. "Goodnight." "Goodnight." I reply. Ken waves goodbye at me and gets in his car and drives off. I arrive at my apartment and put my purse on top of the coffee table. The thought of Ken pulling me close comes to my mind and I could feel my heart racing. I thought he was going to kiss me but of course he's a gentleman unlike many guys out there. I think I might actually like Ken. I hear my phone vibrate and come back to my senses. I take out my phone from my purse and see that the caller ID says unknown caller. "Who is this that keeps calling me from a blocked number?" I question myself. "It can't be Ken. Why would he call me from a private number?" For some reason I felt a shiver down my spine. I brush it off and head to the bathroom to shower. I step out the shower and head to my room and I see that my window is open. "Did I open the window?" I ask myself. When I'm about to close the window I see a beautiful red rose on the window pane. The shiver down my spine returned. I change into some shorts and a hoodie as fast as I can and grab a butterfly knife that was in the first drawer of my nightstand. I walk slowly and cautiously all around my apartment but I find nothing out of the ordinary. I know I live in the second floor but it's still impossible for someone to climb up to my window. Is it? Ugh. I must be going crazy. 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