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Basically it was a broadcast telling us what we already knew while making fun of his members..I think Suho is worst than BigHit, YG, and SM combined (and that's saying a lot)...He gave us absolutely no hints and in fact confused our already muddled heads...but there was one thing that really caught my attention...he said that we will have a CULTURAL SHOCK...aishh the teasers haven't even come out and I'm confused...πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

Who's Next?

Finally we have proof of Minseoks hair XD anyway....there's only a couple of days to go and we haven't seen Baek in awhile γ„±_γ„±

serious lot I saw this and not Only did he make horrendous jokes, but he was very flustered. I don't know what he was so excited about. his hand gestures were huge and he kept stuttering. idk if he was told to do it or if he actually did it on his own and that's why he was cutting up but boy he was having some seizures.
Oh god!!! man I'm just really waiting to see how Baekhyun is going to look, haven't seen him for a while now....well anything looks good on him so I'm not worried