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The sky is extra clear today. Today feels like a good day. Amber text me saying she wants to have brunch before work so I'm meeting her here at Altus lounge. I see Amber walking my way with a smile that's bigger than her face. "Why are you so happy?" I ask her. "Because you look happy." Amber says. "I look happy?.." I say confused. "Yes. And you're welcome." Amber says. "Ok. I am completely lost. What are you talking about?" I say. "Well because I gave Ken your phone number you guys are dating now." She says pinching my cheeks and I can't help but smile. "How long have you guys been dating now?" "Three weeks..." I say. "Three weeks, two days, nine hours, thirteen minutes and twenty seconds. If you want to be technical about it." I hear someone say and when I look back it's Ken. Ken sits next to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Awww." Amber says. "You guys are so cute." "No. He's really cheesy." I say smiling at Ken. "But you like this cheese ball." Ken says. "You see." I cringe. Amber laughs. "At what time do you get out of work? I want you to come somewhere with me." Ken asks. "I come out at five today. Where are we going?" I ask. "I'll tell you later. I have to go." Ken quickly dismisses himself. "Ken!....Ken!" I try calling after him. "I swear I'm dating a child." "But you still love him." Amber says. I roll my eyes and smile. Amber and I are walking to work. "It's weird you wanted to meet up before work. We never hang out before work. Is something wrong?" I ask. "No, everything is fine. Can't I just hang out with my own flesh and blood." Amber says nervously. "Ok. You just said flesh and blood. You only say that when you want something. Now that I think about it you even called Ken and told him to come to Altus. Amber what's going on?" I ask worried. "I just want you to be in a good mood before work." Amber says causally. "Why would I need to be in a good mood?" I ask. As we walk in to the photo studio Amber points to a table where the models and Jack were having a meeting. "Because of that." Amber says. I see Hongbin and I feel the same pain in my heart as I felt last time. And I try my best not to show it. Ā«Hongbin looks to the side and listens in on Amber and Chichi's conversationĀ» "Chichi are you going to be ok?" Amber asks. "Yea. I'm fine." I say with my best 'I'm ok' smile. "Ok. It's a good thing I told Ken to meet up with us." Amber says. "You didn't tell Ken about him right?" I ask. "No I didn't. But why would it matter you guys were just friends. Right?" Amber asks. "Yea...just friends." I say softly. Ā«Hongbin smirks and goes back to paying attention to the meeting with JackĀ» Throughout the whole photo shoot Hongbin keeps staring at me. I fight every urge that I have to cry, run to him or even hug him and just ignore him. "Good job everybody. We're done for today." Jack says. Finally I could get out of this place where I feel like I can't breath. "Chichi?" I hear a familiar voice say. I take big gulp and turn around. "Yes?" I say as calmly as I can. "Don't you remember me?" Hongbin asks. Ā«Ken enters the photo studio and sees Chichi talking to HongbinĀ» "Yes of course. You're the model for the photo shoot." I say and Hongbin smirks. Ā«Ken walks up to ChichiĀ» "Are you ready to go?" Ken asks and puts his arm around me. "Yes I am. Let me just get my things." I say. I walk to the employees room and put my camera in the camera bag. I hear the door open then followed by a closing and locking sound. I turn to see Hongbin. "Hongbin what...you can't be in here." I say nervously. "So you DO know who I am?" Hongbin says sitting down on the couch in front of me. "Do you know who I am?" I ask. "Of course I do. I grew up with you Chichi." Hongbin says as if stating the obvious. "Then why did you act like you didn't know me last time?" I ask annoyed. "Well that's where it gets complicated." Hongbin says. Hongbin starts walking towards me and I walk backwards until I crash into the table behind me. His face and my face are just inches away from each other. My heart starts racing. Hongbin has become more scary and daring since the last time I saw him. "Don't move. The thing is, I miss you. I miss you like crazy but something happened to me and Dasom that I just can't tell you and can't be around you anymore. I don't know if you knew this back then but I had feelings for you and I still do and that's why I need to let you go." Hongbin says and gently grabs my face and I flinch from the coldness of his hands. Then he softly kisses my lips. Unlike his hands his lips are quite warm. He pulls away and I see his pupils dilate. "You will forget everything that just happened here and you will also forget about me and Dasom and our past together and live a happy life." Hongbin walks out of the room and I'm still in shock. "Chichi are you ok?" Ken asks. I come back to my senses. "Yes. Are you ready to go?" I say. "Yes." Ken replies with a big smile. "Ok. Let's go." I say. Ken and I are in his car. "Where are you taking me?" I ask anxiously. "You'll see when we get there." Ken says. Ken parks the car in a dark alley. "I'm going to blind fold you ok?" Ken says. "Is this the part when you kill me?" I joke. "Darn you ruined my plan." Ken laughs and blind folds me. Ken guides me the whole way until we arrive to our destination. He then removes the blind fold. "The pier?" I say. "Wait just a moment......now." Ken says and right on his cue fireworks starts to fly up in the sky. The fireworks form the words 'Will you be my girlfriend'. "I know you find things like this cheesy but I believe you deserve the best no matter how cheesy it is." Ken says. "It's fine." I say still looking at the fireworks. "So what do you say. Will you be my girlfriend?" Ken asks nervously. I turn to Ken and smile. "Yes. I'll be your girlfriend." I say. Ken hugs and kisses me. "You don't know how happy you made me." Ken says. "Not as how happy you made me." I smile. We took a long stroll around the whole pier and then Ken dropped me off in front of my building. I enter my apartment jumping up and down like a little girl. I seriously don't remember the last time I was this happy. I'm glad I've met someone like Ken. I shower and then go to sleep. ........ What? Where am I? "Chichi...Chichi." I hear someone say. Everything is pitch black. "Who's there?" I ask into the darkness. "Chichi don't forget about me....Don't forget about me." I hear the voice say again. "Don't forget about who? Who are you?" I ask while running in the direction of where the voice was coming from. I suddenly slip and fall into a whole. ........ "Aaah!" I wake up screaming and dripping in sweat. I look at the time to see it's only three in the morning. 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"Darn you ruined my plan" LOL!!
Hmmm....Hongbin what's your deal?! Why do you want ChiChi to forget about you and Dasome? And how did you make her forget?! Was it you who left the rose on her second story open window?! How?
That was supposed to say oh my god...