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Yea that's my Girl lol
She's definitely the Jealous Type, and sometimes it scares me! #ChitogeKirisaki #Nisekoi #Tsundere #Kinpatsu #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #TheBionicMagicKing #Zakku'sChildhoodFriend #HATUSKOI
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Don't get on her bad side I beg of you Akiza-chan like I have before it takes a while for her to let it go @NeckoNecko
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@BlackoutZJ I know papa.......*shiver* T3T scary
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She's not in a good mood today @NeckoNecko lol
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@BlackoutZJ What did you do papa that made her like this?
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I don't know馃槕
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