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I wake up to a text from Ken. *Good morning babe. I couldn't stop thinking about you last night and the kiss we shared. I'll see you soon.* I smile at his text. How could someone be so cheesy and charming at the same time. I look at the time. Shit! I'm going to be late for class. "Good morning class. May I say the pictures you guys took last time came out wonderful." Professor Kern says. "So we will be going in name order for presentations. So...Chichi you're first." I sink in my chair and put my head down. "Chichi I still could see you." Professor Kern says and gestures me to go to the front of the class. Ken who is sitting next to me holds my hand and mouths the words 'Go you'll be fine.' Professor Kern puts my picture on the projector as I'm walking to the front of the class. "Well...my topic was family. Even though I didn't really have a family and I don't know the meaning of a happy family it looks like this image is the meaning of one. I could stand here and say even though I didn't have a family like this I would like to give my children what I didn't have but we can't predict the future can we. For me the words family and happy don't come easy. And that concludes my presentation." I say with a serious face. As I walk back to my seat everyone stares at me with blank faces. I look at Ken and he doesn't look at me not even once. Did I embarrass him? Is he embarrassed that I'm his girlfriend now? The professor dismisses us and Ken leaves first without saying anything to me. I chase after Ken. "What's wrong?" I grab Ken's wrist. "Are you embarrassed to be seen with me now?" Ken doesn't respond. I pull his wrist again. "Well are you?" I ask. "Happiness doesn't come easy to you?" Ken slightly raises his voice. I pause for a second. "That's not what I meant. What I was trying to say is that I don't know what it's like being in a happy family. But you make me happy and I told you this yesterday. How could you forget." I say. "I just thought.." Ken says. "No. If you would've been thinking you would've known that I wasn't talking about you when I said those words. I really thought you knew me better than anyone but I guess I was wrong." I say and walk away from Ken. Ken chases after me. "Babe wait. You're right. I'm sorry. I guess a part of me is still afraid that you'll try to push me away like you did when we first met." Ken says and kisses my lips. "It's ok." I say with a soft smile. "You need a ride to work?" Ken asks. "Yes please." I reply. I arrive at the photo studio. "Hey Amber." I say. "You won't believe this." Amber says. "What?" I ask. "The model guy is back again. And that's weird because Jack usually doesn't use the same model more than twice." Amber says confused. "Oh really? Then this guy must be gorgeous if Jack is using him so much." I say. "Show me the guy. Who is it?" Amber gives me a confused look. "Is this your way of showing me that you're over him?" Amber asks. "My way of showing what?...Over who? What are you talking about? Can you just show me the guy?" I ask. Amber points to the male model. "Oh. He is cute. What's his name?" I ask Amber. "Hongbin?" Amber says confused at my questions. "Too bad I'm taken if I was single I wouldn't have mind having a piece of him." I say. "He kind of looks familiar though. Like I've seen him somewhere." "You have seen him somewhere. He was your childhood friend. You guys grew up together....Chichi you're scaring me." Amber says concerned. "What are you talking about? I've never met him in my life. How can him and I grow up together and I not...." I start of saying but then get a sharp pain in my head. "Aah!" "Chichi are you ok?" Amber says holding me up. "Yes. I'm..I'm fine I just need some water." I say still holding my head with one hand. Amber walks me to the employee room and gets me a cup of water while I sit down on the couch. "What the hell was that?" Amber hands me the cup of water. "I don't know. I was fine this morning." I say in a tired voice. Amber rests her hand on my forehead. "Well you don't have a fever." Amber says. "I feel fine." I say. Jack comes inside the room. "Chichi are you ok?" Jack says. "Yes I'm fine it was just a little headache." I say. "Are you sure? Because you can go home early if you don't feel well." Jack says. "No I'm fine." I stand up from the couch and leave the room. I'm getting the camera ready for the photo shoot and I look through the camera lens and see the male model staring at me. He's kind of scary in a mysterious way. What did Amber say his name was? "Hongbin are you ready?" I get startled by Jack's voice. Hongbin gives Jack a faint smile and then looks at me with a big smile. Who is this guy? Does he know me?...The camera lights start flashing and I get another headache but not as strong as the last one. The photo shoot ends and Amber decides to walk me home. As we get closer to my apartment building I see Ken sitting on the stoop. "You called him?" I glare at Amber. "What was I supposed to do?" Amber says. Ken looks up at me worried. "Are you ok?" Ken runs up to me and gently holds my face examining it. I take his hands in mine. "Weren't you supposed to be at the recording studio today? You shouldn't have come. It was only a small headache." I say. "Yea right. You almost fainted." Amber says softly but loud enough so that Ken could hear. I see Ken get even more worried. "I promise I'm fine. I just want to go home." I say. "Let me accompany you." Ken says following me inside the building. "No. It's fine. I just want to be alone for tonight. Ok?" I say to Ken softly and he gives me a light kiss on the lips. I step inside my apartment only to fall to the floor from another massive headache. «Chichi loses consciousness» "Chichi where are you? I can't see you?"  I hear a little girl say. I'm in a green field filled with different colored flowers. I hear the little girls voice again but I don't see her. "I'm over here! Can you see me?" I scream. I see a little girl running towards me. "Hi..." I start off saying but then stop when I see the little girls face. She's....she's me when I was ten years old. I see another little girl running towards me. She has long pitch black hair, milky white skin and almond eyes. She is beautiful but i don't remember meeting her when I was young. "Chichi!" The little girl says running towards the ten year old me. "I found you." "Dasom!" I hear a little boy's voice say. A little boy who looks just like the little girl with pitch black hair runs towards the girls. "Come on Chichi and Dasom it's time for lunch." The little boy's face looks familiar. I suddenly get a headache and fall to the ground again. «Chichi regains consciousness» When I open my eyes I'm back in my apartment. I'm still sitting on the floor. I slowly stand up and my headache and dizziness is completely gone. I take a long hot shower and try to drain all my stress away. The image of the little girl and boy keep on playing on my head all night. 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The memories flooding back in dreams?! All so mysterious😉
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