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Well, since I have come to love K-Pop, trust me it wasn't by choice it was more like my body willed me to like it. I thought it would be nice to at least make an attempt to learn Korean. Soooo, I bought this set(there's more but it's for advanced and I'm learning slowly😭) and every night I take it to work with me, trying to copy and absorb as much knowledge as I can on my breaks. (And yes I bring the TMNT backpack to work everyday as well, my second love in life🐢🐢🐢🐢🐭). But it really is interesting and I hope it comes along well! Wish me luck! Uhmmm lets see...(rummages through book)...this'll take a second. Gomapseumnida or 고맙습니다. I seriously hope I did that right or Ima cry so hard I swear. I'm trying! 😭😭😭
Thank you! It is quite interesting and SimplyAwkward, it seems to be worth the money so far and it was around $32 but that was counting the Notebook, Essential Learning, Intermediate, and the Advanced learning. Also came with audio CDs for each learning text book. But it's so fun! Yet hard to remember 😕. Man learning German was easier than this. But not nearly as fun 🤗
I have that same set of books and audio.
We have these too! Strangely I haven't actually used them yet...
I have that same set! good luck! I also use ttmik it has lots of awesome free resources. :) 화이팅!!
ohh so jealous it looks interesting I hope you learn a lot! fighting!
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