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Im just kidding I wont go that far... I hope lol. But I understand if someone doesn't like Fairy Tail.. I just dont like it when they decide to talk shit on it is all. Fairy Tail is Amazing! It will always by my favorite anime❀

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Why is the "black" stickman getting beat up? Racist
@raikage00 Oml TuT noo
I feel the same way
That moment you barrow Erza's requip magic to kick some haters a$$.... NAH jk I think the best thing to do is let them be everyone is different and just because I like doesn't someone else will too. Plus, if I kick their a$$ I will also become a even worse hater than they ever could........... that is my own Philosophy of course
I would kill them but onlyvif they Said that they hate it if not I'll leave them alone and simply kill them in my mind