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Y/N's pov
I woke up with a smiling Jimin staring down at me. He helped me get up and to the kitchen/dining area to eat and to the bathroom after eating. He didn't go in with me even though he asked to help me. After a few minutes of struggling with my clothes, we left for Big Hit. It took us a bit longer than it usually would since I was on crutches and Jimin had a slight limp.
"Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!" KiYon rushed up to me as she watched me walk in. "Jimin! Y/N! I heard the facility got you I got really scared. I thought that they had second thoughts about this whole thing and took you away. But then I heard they also got Jimin and I started panicking!" She took a deep breath and looked at my injuries. "What happened to you? And you, more importantly. No offense, y/n."
"None taken. Well they were supposed to just knock us out so we couldn't see where we were or something but they kinda went beyond that." I laughed a bit. "Jimin had to push me out of there by wheelchair. It was probably an interesting sight to see. BTS' Park Jimin pushing some girl in a wheelchair!"
"Heh. Well, we can talk later. Boys!" She called to the boys that were walking away to go practice. "You all need to go to a quick meeting." The boys came back and helped me onto the elevator to get to the meeting room. When we got in there, there were only three men standing at the head of the table. All of those men wore facility officer outfits.
"Please sit." One of the officers commanded. The boys were weary of them and continued to stand while I did as ordered. "Sit." The boys slowly sat in their seats and eyed the men cautiously. "Your manager will be here shortly, he had to take a quick call. One of the other officers began to speak.
"We'll get this meeting started with. You manager is already here." We all turned around and watched their manager walk to his seat. "We deeply apologize for injuring you both as much as we did. We did not plan on them going this far. The original plan was to just catch you off guard and to temporarily knock you out."
"You may have broken one of y/n's legs." Hoseok said.
"We understand our men went a bit far-"
"A bit?"
"But we promise it will never happen again. This was just a test to see if Jimin was able to handle this, and he can and he did it well." The officer took a paper from his bag and gave it to us. "This is the list of required situations that we have decided on that the facility men must complete." The list had about thirty statements on it, most of them were simple like flirting, others were more...violent.
"Mister..." Namjoon piped up. "Yesterday we didn't know they were from the facility and we were going to call officials. Say something like this happened and it wasn't you all, what would we do?"
"We have come up with something to make sure you all know if it is us or not." The last officer who hadn't spoken the entire time slid a circular item down to us. "This patch will be in one of three visible spots on our facility men on missions. The chest, the hat, or the cuff of a sleeve." I finally got to see the patch that the facility men were to wear.
The patch was about the size of golf ball and it had a black border with light gray filling in the rest. In blue English letters were the words "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future." In the center was a gold key with a black end and a string attaching to the end and circling the key. I felt as if I had seen the key before, but I'm not sure where.
"Park Jimin and y/l/n y/f/n, congratulations on passing the most difficult of our situations." The officers all bowed to us. "Jimin, we are truly sorry about your injuries. Please heal quickly." They walked out of the room and one of them stopped before stepping out.
"And you too, y/n. Please heal quickly." He then ducked out of the room.
"This is certainly an interesting image." Yoongi turned the patch in his hands then rose from his seat. "We need to practice." We all nodded and Jimin helped me up and out of the room. Instead of going with the boys to their practice room, I decided to go to my office and maybe run into KiYon. Of course, I meant the last part of that sentence to be figurative. I had turned the corner while KiYon was rushing around and she literally ran into me.
"Oh! Y/N! I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?!" She scrabbled up and gathered my crutches and helped me up. "I was about to look for you since I saw the boys running around. I need your help, follow me." She ran down the hall then turned around and laughed to herself.
"Oh, I forgot you can't exactly run." She walked back to be and walked along with me at my slow pace.
"Y/N." A man who I faintly remember from passing by. "You're new here so I think your opinion will be fresher than others." He turned his computer screen to face me. On the screen were a few sketches of BTS in various positions and some backgrounds. "We're trying to choose which poses and backdrops would be the best for their promotions."
"I still think that they should just do whatever they think is the best." KiYon said with a bit of annoyance in her voice.
"Well, I'm not exactly asking you, miss Lee." He looked up at me from his seat. "I'm one of the photo editors by the way, BuJi."
"Um..." I looked at each pose and tried to think somewhat logically. "I think it would be best if they were actual pictures." BuJi looked at me with an eyebrow raised. "I know...I know." I smiled and so did KiYon. "I kinda agree with KiYon that they should just do whatever they think is best for the individual shoots. For the full group pictures, they should be about being together."
"I understand what you are saying. Thank you y/n. If you want to, you can come and watch the photo shoot that is in a few weeks." He closed out of the pictures on his computer.
"Can I come too?" KiYon smiled, maybe thinking that since she's close to me she'd be able to watch.
"KiYon, you know the rules and you know that the answer is no." BuJi sighed and looked at me. "We're all pretty sure she's obsessed with them. We don't want the boys to be annoyed by her. Some of us wonder how she's in a division that works with them, maybe it's to keep her sane."
"I heard that!""
"Let's go y/n." KiYon stormed out of the room and down the hall. I tried to follow as quickly as I could. I was a few meters away but I could hear her grumble about BuJi being unfair to her and all of the staff.
"Y/N!!!" We were going to see if the boys needed anything and were on our way to their practice room. "It's urgent!" Jungkook and Yoongi ran up to me. "It's Jimin, we need your help, okay we might not, but we wanted to tell you."
"We were practicing and we have this jump part in it. He was doing well the first few run throughs then he just fell and he said his leg was hurting like crazy and he can't get up!" Jungkook picked me up half bridal style, half slumping me over his shoulder and ran down the hall towards their practice room and Yoongi carried my crutches.
Just a little something, I know this doesn't matter till August-ish but there will be no updates all of July, this includes Wattpad. I might get a chapter up on Wattpad but it's doubtful. July is a busy month for me. Just a heads up. There will be updates at the end of June ([J]hope-fully [ha, puns]).
If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, feel free to put them in the comments. M'kay, bye~
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