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It's finally Saturday. Ever since Tuesday my headaches had become less frequent but the illusive dreams have become more frequent. I still don't know what they mean or where they are coming from because I don't remember meeting any little girl or boy when I was young. I enter the photo studio to see no one there. "Hello! Is anybody here!" I yell. I hear voices coming from the employee room. I enter the room and see everybody discussing something. "Chichi you're finally here. Come sit." Jack says. I sit next to Jack. "So tonight is our annual Vogue party and our bartender canceled on us last minute. Anybody have any ideas on how we can get a last minute replacement?" Jack says. "Chichi has some experience in bartending." Amber says and I glare at her. "No. I'm not that great." I say. "But you're ok and that's good enough for me." Jack says in a serious tone. "Amber make sure Chichi dresses nice and puts on make up tonight. Not like you need it anyways." "Yes sir." Amber says happily. Amber and I stop by my apartment first to get my clothes before heading to her house since it's closer to the party venue. We get in Amber's car and drive to New Jersey. Amber lives in an one story house in Fort Lee, New Jersey. "I've been wanting to give you a make over for so long." Amber says. I roll my eyes. Amber sits me down on a chair and starts doing my make up and then my hair. I must admit it feels nice getting pampered at least once in a while. Amber turns me around and I see my reflection in the mirror. "Is that me?" I say amused. "Just wait until you see yourself in the dress I chose for you." Amber says. "What happened to the clothes I brought?" I ask. "No offense but that is not something you would wear to a Vogue party where a bunch of designers are going to be attending." Amber says. "No offense taken." I say sarcastically. Amber hands me a black tight strapless above the knee dress and some red suede pumps and pushes me inside her walk in closet. I come out of the closet with the dress and heels on and Amber's mouth flies open. "What? Does it look bad?" I ask worried. "No girl. You look hot." Amber says giving me a thumbs up. "Now that I'm done with you I'm going to go change." Amber leaves the room and I step in front of the mirror. Wow. Is this really me. I've never worn a dress before. It actually looks nice. "I should tell Amber to dress me up more often." I say to myself. I suddenly get a massive headache but it leaves just as fast as it came. "These headaches are starting to get on my nerves." I say. As I'm putting my phone and other things in my purse I see that Amber is almost done getting ready. "Is your boyfriend going to the party tonight?" I ask Amber. Amber recently got a boyfriend but it probably won't last since she gets a new boyfriend almost every week. "Yea. He's meeting me there. How about yours is he coming?" Amber asks. "Yea he is also meeting me there after he is done working in the recording studio." I say looking away from Amber and I can feel Amber staring at me. "I've noticed you guys have been seeing each other less and less. Is everything alright?" Amber asks. "Yea. But that's what I get for dating an artist in the making." I say with a half smile and Amber just shrugs it off. Amber and I get in her car and drive to the Vogue party. When we arrive there is a red carpet and a velvet rope in the entrance and like about fifty reporters on the left and right side of the entrance. Amber stops in front of the entrance and the valet parking employees opens our doors and helps us get out of the car. I feel like a celebrity. "I feel like a celebrity." Amber says reading my mind. Amber waves at the cameras as she walks into the club and I follow behind her. We enter the club and it's filled with famous fashion designers and other fashion magazine employees. Every year the Vogue parties keep on getting bigger and more popular. After saying hello to a few people I go to work the bar. "Can I get Henny on the rocks." One guy says. "Sure." I reply and hand him his drink. "Thank you." The guy says giving me a fifty dollar tip and leaves. "If you show more boobs that tip will become a hundred." Says one of my co-worker named Sean who is also working the bar with me. "Come here girl." Sean turns me around to face him and pulls my dress a little lower on the top. "Sean what are you doing?" I say covering my cleavage. "Trust me Chichi. These are what the guys want." Sean says pointing at my breasts. "And don't you dare put your dress back up." I go back to bartending and what Sean said was true. The men started leaving me hundred dollar tips with probably a few numbers and tacky pick up lines but it isn't that bad. I see Ken walking up to the bar. "So what does this pretty lady recommend for me to drink." Ken says. "What I recommend for you you can't find on the wall." I tell him bringing my face closer to his and Ken gives me a kiss on the lips. "Great job Ken now we lost all of our tips thanks to you." Sean says glaring at Ken. Ken and I laugh. "He's right you know. I made more than five hundred dollars on tips tonight." I say. "Yea. I see." Ken looks down at my breast. "I don't like it." "Me either. Sean made me do it." I say pulling my dress back up. "Chichi get out of here and take your boyfriend with you. He's driving all my customers away." Sean says pushing me out from behind the bar. "But I can't leave you alone." I tell Sean. "It's fine Amber said she'll help me. Here she comes now." Sean says pointing at Amber. "Ok. Thank you Sean." I say. "Uh huh. Whatever girl." Sean rolls his eyes and gives me a smile. "Do you want to dance?" Ken asks me. "Sure." I reply. Ken leads me to the middle of the dance floor and we dance to three songs in a row before heading to the bar again. "Sean can I get some water please?" I ask. "Make that two." Ken adds. "You're not drinking?" "YOU'RE not drinking?" I ask. "I have to drive." Ken replies. "I'm working." I say. "I forgot. Babe I'll be back I need to use the bathroom." Ken says. "Ok." I say. I'm sitting on the bar stool drinking my water and I see a crowd of people surrounding someone on the dance floor. I approach the dance floor to get a closer view and I see a bunch of women swarming around a guy. "Oh it's just girls freaking out over a guy. I thought it was someone important." I say to myself. I try to look past the girls to see the guy's face. "Oh. It's that male model from the studio....Hongbin." I say to my self again. Hongbin looks at me and smiles and I shyly smile back. I tilt my head and think to myself. "Why does he look so familiar?" I suddenly get a headache bigger than all the others put together. "Aah." I scream. I feel someone hold my arms to stop me from falling to the floor. I look up to see Hongbin and then I get another headache and lose consciousness. ........ "Thank you for the lollipop...." "I always loved you......forget everything that just happened here." I'm getting all my memories back. ....... I wake up in an unfamiliar room. The lights are dim and the room's furniture looks like it belongs in the medieval times. I try to sit up on the bed but don't have enough strength to do so. "Don't strain yourself. Just rest. You have a high fever." I hear someone say. "Hongbin?" I say. "Yes. I'm Hongbin, the model from the photo shoot." He says calmly. "Why..." I try to speak but my throat feels dry. "Wa..water." Hongbin places the water in my hands but my hands aren't strong enough to hold it. So Hongbin feeds me the water. Hongbin doesn't seem like he is worried that I am weak right now. He looks normal with no emotion showing on his face. "If you don't want to take care of me you should've just left me at the club." I say weakly. Hongbin doesn't look at me. "For what. So your fairy of a boyfriend could TRY to take care of you. That pretty boy doesn't know how to take care of you. He's no good for you." Hongbin says still not looking at me. "You don't know anything about him and how he treats me. He's nice and caring not like what I could say about you." I say. "What do you know. You don't even know who I am?" Hongbin says with frustration. "You think I don't remember you? After I lost consciousness I got my memory back." I say and Hongbin looks at me. "I remember our childhood and I remember what happened that time in the photo studio." Hongbin looks away from me again. "How did...How did you make me forget everything?" I ask Hongbin while gathering all of my strength to sit up. Hongbin walks to the other side of the room and looks out the window. "I can't tell you." Hongbin says softly. "Why not?" I ask. "I just can't." Hongbin says through his teeth. "Fine then. I'm leaving." I say. I try to get off the bed but my legs give out. I close my eyes and wait for my body to smash onto the floor but it never happens. I slowly open my eyes to see Hongbin holding me in his arms. He slowly places me on the bed again. "Why do you always have to be so stubborn. You couldn't even forget me like I told you to." Hongbin says under his breath but I still heard him. "How did you get to me so fast? You were all the way over there." I ask. "Can't you just trust me when I say I can't tell you?" Hongbin pleads. "How can I trust you when you keep lying to me?" I ask. "I haven't lied to you...I just haven't told you the truth." Hongbin says in a 'smart ass' tone. "Where's Dasom?" I ask. "I don't know." Hongbin says softly. "You don't know or you don't want to tell me?" I say. Hongbin stays quiet. "Where's my purse? I want to call Ken to come pick me up. I don't want to be here with you." I say with tears threatening to fall from my eyes but I try to hold it back as much as I can. "You can't leave. At least not now." Hongbin says calmly. I feel my heart racing from fear. "Don't worry I'm not going to do anything to you. So you could calm down. I could hear your heart beat from here." Hongbin says and I can hear from his tone that he is smiling. "It's nice to know that my pain amuses you." I say sarcastically. "Why don't you just take me home and you won't have to deal with me anymore...." Hongbin doesn't say a word. "Can you please tell me what's going on?...Hongbin you owe me at least an explanation as to what is happening. Do you know through how much pain I went through after you and Dasom left? You don't right? Cause you weren't there. You didn't feel what I felt." I say and tears fall from my eyes. "Look at me!" Hongbin looks at me. "You think we didn't go through hell when we had to leave you? We did Chichi. But we couldn't do anything about it because we were under age. Dasom and I were planning to come back when we turned eighteen but something happened and everything changed after that." Hongbin nearly yells. "Why can't you just tell me. We grew up together. You can tell me anything." I say softly. "You'll be sorry for saying those words." Hongbin gives me a devious smile. I look at Hongbin confused and scared. Hongbin sits on the bed and brings his face close to mine. I see Hongbin's hand go up and I close my eyes as a reflex. I feel his cold hand caress my cheek. I slowly open my eyes. Hongbin smiles. "Are you that scared of me?" Hongbin asks. "N...no." I stutter. Hongbin leans in and gives me a kiss on the lips. When he separates his lips from mine he grunts and I look into his eyes and see that they are a blood red color. I jump back frightened and bump my head on the headboard. Hongbin stands up from the bed and I could hear his breathing become normal again. "What...what was that?" I slowly get near Hongbin. "Don't come near me." Hongbin says still giving me his back. I stop in my steps. "This is why I want you to forget about me." Hongbin says. "Are you sick?" I ask. Hongbin chuckles. "Yea. Sure let's call it that." Hongbin says. I start going towards Hongbin again. "I can help you. We can get through this together. We'll find something." I tell Hongbin. Hongbin turns to look at me. "This is not something that can be cured, Chichi." Hongbin says angrily. "I'm sure we can..." I say. "Just stop!" Hongbin screams. "Just stop." He says more softly. "Why won't you let me help you?" I ask. "I can't be helped." Hongbin replies. "I'm a monster. I'm not human Chichi. What other hints can I give you." I look at him confused. "Chichi. Everything that you remember about me from the past few days that was out of the ordinary put them together and what do you get." Hongbin says. I remember Hongbin's cold skin, how he made me forget about my childhood, his speed, and his red eyes. Cold skin, speed, red eyes....no it can't be. "They don't exist." I say in a low voice. "Yes they do exist and I'm one of them, Chichi." Hongbin says. "How did you..." I question. "I also could hear anything you say from more than a mile away." Hongbin says calmly. "I...I have to go." I grab my purse and leave Hongbin's house. I step outside to be blinded by the sun. I was unconscious all night? How am I getting home?... I take out my phone and call Amber to pick me up. I see Amber's car getting close and I wave to her. I get inside her car and we drive off. "Where did you go last night? Ken was going crazy looking for you." Amber asks. "I don't want to talk about it." I say while looking outside the window. Amber looks at me. "Your make up is running. Did something happen between you and Ken last night?" Amber asks worried. "Just drop it please." I say softly and I could feel the tears run down my cheeks. Amber and I stay quiet for the rest of the ride back to my apartment. Once we arrive in front of my building I get out of the car without saying one word. I step inside my apartment and put my purse on the coffee table. I remove my clothes and step inside the shower. I accidentally open the cold water first and it reminds me of Hongbin's cold hands. Vampires aren't real. Are they? I shake my head as if to shake off the idea of him being a vampire. After showering I change into my pajamas and fall asleep. ..... I'm in Hongbin's house? "How did I get here?" I ask myself. I see Hongbin staring out the window and I slowly walk up to him. "Hong...Hongbin are you ok?" I say carefully. "I'm fine. I think you should be asking yourself that." Hongbin says and turns around. I see his mouth is stained with blood. He then gives me a smile and I see his fangs. I touch my neck and look at my hands and see blood on them. ...... "Aah." I wake up screaming and I touch my neck to make sure I was fine. "Good. It was just a dream." Thank god today is Sunday. I could stay in bed all day if I want to. 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I knew it! Sexy vampire Hongbin!😉 I think I had a feeling from the rose left on the second story open window and the compulsion! ( I know...too much Vampire Diaries and Originals!) hehe!😊