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Yummm....need I say more?
@curtisb I think it all depends on your preference and what you're for me, I like their southwest grill chicken salad and chicken sandwiches, the breakfast menu is great too. The menu is pretty diverse in terms of giving you more choices on what's a little healthier too so that's a plus for me. I think you should give it a try one day and let me know (*_^)
I've never tried jack in the box but my dad really doesn't like it. is the food good/
@roselee89 ah summer D: I like it until it gets too hot and rainy xp
I could use a smoothie right about now. The weather is getting worse, and the humidity is just killing me!
The flower is so pretty <3 & I love the hello kitty! xp I would comment on the smoothie but I guess i'm jealous i cant drink it xp
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